Monthly Archives: April 2017

We Have Not Appointed Any Party Represent to Koperasi Monspace Berhad to Sell CompanyShares

It has come to our attention in relation to MONSPACE have been published and spread on instant messaging apps and social media. We wish to notice the public that said articles were published without any authorisation from MONSPACE. MON SPACE NET is publicly listed o the OTCQB US board, not NASDAQ. We have not appointed […]

MONSPACE Multinational Corp organised the Mon Space Earth Run 2017

Earth Day was first started on 22 April 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson. Concerned about environmental issues, Nelson and 2 million other Americans went to the streets demanding for a healthier and more sustainable society. Since 1990, Earth Day’s message has been spreading out of America across the world. People from different cultures and […]

MONSPACE Multinational Corp Hosted Corporate Management, Sales, and Leadership Training

MONSPACE Multinational Corp hosted a training on corporate management, sales, and leadership on 14 April (Friday), from 9am to 6pm at the Pearl International Hotel. The training was specially designed to develop the skills of the members at MONSPACE. Founded in 2014, MONSPACE was built on the success of its flagship project, MONSPACE Mall. Since […]