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Charity Drive for Wuhan

Monspace led by Dato’ Sri Dr. Jessy Lai as the Founder and Executive Chairman, has started a “Charity Drive for Wuhan” during the coronavirus outbreak, donating funds, facemask and sanitizing supplies to Wuhan in an effort to assist the medical frontliners and citizen affected by the pandemic in Wuhan. In an effort to give moral […]


满星云集团的农产收成期恰逢新春佳节,而决定将今年第一波收成的白米回馈社会,共捐献出50吨白米予有需要人士。 首批1万吨白米,分配成10公斤装,共1000包,分配给雪隆13家福利机构。 满星云集团创办人兼执行长拿督斯里赖彩云指出,农业是重要的产业之一,该集团也在去年开始进军农业领域,并获得吉打州政府支持,在当地种植稻米、糯米及辣椒等农产物。 “现在我们白米有收成,而恰巧又是春节,所以我们就决定把这第一次的收成捐出给有需要人士。” 她说,如今疫情下,许多人也面对困难,她希望此举能够抛砖引玉,让热心人士关注弱势社群。 她指出,该公司预计是送出5000包10公斤装白米,而目前首1000包会在雪隆区派发给予蒲种喜乐之家,蕉赖金鱼村菩提之家,蒲种恩惠之家,蒲种莎隆孤儿院,新街场组屋慈善团体,安邦社区服务中心,快乐花园威灵庙,文良港甘露亭,加影佳宁之家,丹绒士拔药師佛寺庙,双溪毛糯医院,基督教会,蒲种义玄宫,共13个单位受惠。 “我们会根据受惠单位的需求派出白米。” 她说,另外4000包也会在日后陆续送出。 她指出,该集团还有种植辣椒、糯米,养鱼、养鸡等,未来也会安排,把这些产品回馈社会。 她说,该集团在吉打的农产地上,都是聘请本地职员,本地职员也非常勤劳工作,收成也很好。

Happy Renri !

It’s the 7th day of Lunar New Year today, one of the most important days in the spring festival which is also known as Renri in Chinese tradition. Monspace wishes everyone to have a happy Renri, and may all your wishes come true and all your deeds get better as you proceed!   今天是大年初七,是华人的传统习俗中的“人日”,是农历新春中最重要的节日之一。满星云在此祝福各位,大年初七“人日”快乐,祝福你心想事成,步步高升!

满星云农业丰收 捐出部份收成为慈善贡献绵力

MONSPACE, who gives all-out effort in the local agriculture industry at Kedah since last year, has received a copious harvest as her reward this season. As a token of gratitude, MONSPACE decides to donate 50 tons of white rice to charity on top of this delightful and prosperous Spring Festival. 、 “As we are still under […]

It’s Lichun today!

It’s Lichun today, an important festival in Chinese tradition that indicates the beginning of spring and Chinese New Year is coming. Lichun also signifies the awakening of the land, a new year with new prosperity, and also a blessed day of good luck. In this special day, I wish everyone here to have extremely good […]