Industrial Revolution 4.0

The first industrial revolution brought steam power and factories. The second one gave us railroads and electricity. The third gave us the internet, calculators, and modern day convenience. These revolutions were all powered by better, more efficient machines. But the fourth industrial revolution, also known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is coming. And […]

Happy Mid-autumn festival!

月到中秋分外明,又是一年团圆日。在这中秋月圆之际,满星云在此祝贺各界人士,中秋节快乐,月圆人团圆! It’s mid-autumn when the moon is most bright, and a time for families to reunite. This mid-autumn festival, Monspace would like to wish everyone a happy celebration, and happy reunion!

Monspace Indonesia Launches MSP Life

Monspace Indonesia Launches MSP Life, a Shopping Guide App Made Specially for its Customers This app has three main strengths. Firstly, users can attain information about the latest product updates or sales, and collect loyalty points for rewards. Secondly, the shop owners themselves can maximise user growth, and thirdly our business partners can also help […]

Happy 61st birthday, we love you, Malaysia!

For 61 years after Tunku Abdul Rahman euphorically proclaimed “Merdeka”, our common goal has always been to make Malaysia better. To make this happen, we unite and work hand in hand to create a brighter future for the nation. And if you ask me, what’s the most beautiful scenery to be found in Malaysia? I […]

Selamat Hari Raya Haji!

Monspace is a multi-cultural, multi-religion corporation. We welcome everyone, of all nationalities, religion, race and background to join our family, using love to transcend all language and cultural barriers. In August, we usher in an important Muslim festive, Hari Raya Haji. On this beautiful season, we would like to wish all our Muslim friends and […]

Happy Qixi Festival!

The Qixi festival is one of the most important dates in Chinese culture. As the Chinese version of Valentines, this is an especially anticipated event. While the festive originated from the legend of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl, today it is widely celebrated as a special day for couples. If you are celebrating Qixi alone […]

Happy Mother’s Day

My mother is like many other mothers: a thoughtful and capable housewife, who’s always busy taking care of the family. Like many mums, she puts the wellbeing of her husband and children ahead of herself. So much that she often neglects her own health. It’s probably because of her that I attained a love for […]

Are you comfortable or hungry for more?

Doing the right things in the right way will make you better; and your future will be bright as the sun. If you think you are on the right path, keep going on, no matter what others may say. So, ask yourself…. are you comfortable or hungry for more? 用正确的方法做正确的事情,你一定会变得更好以及长期持续用正确的方法做正确的事情,你的未来一定会很伟大。若你觉得你正走在正确道路上,哪怕遭受异样的眼光,你也要坚持走下去! 问问你自己。。。你满足了吗?还是渴望更多? Doing the right things in […]

Life Inspiring Life

Many people can’t have a good life not because they’re not hardworking. It’s because they never had enough opportunity—the very definition of being underserved. They lack opportunities in life because of social factors such as bias and prejudices. What these people need is not just one, but a series of opportunities until they can finally […]

If we never lost our way, we would never discover new paths

Life is a journey. It has no fixed route or script to follow; all that you have experienced are meant to make you understand that. If we live our whole lives in one same script, that’s what’s ridiculous. We once feared walking alone, but don’t we find comfort and inspiration in solitude? Being lost is […]