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Monspace has donated medical gloves and sanitising to Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM)

有一道曙光叫雨后天晴 为了让前线医护人员能获得更多的医疗资源以应对每日都在激增的新冠肺炎确诊案例,满星云捐赠了多批的医疗手套以及消毒液于大马卫生部(KKM),希望尽绵力,协助这一群伟大的医疗团队战胜这一场无形的战争! 医护人员长期曝露在危险的环境中舍己救人,足够医疗的设备至关重要,因为只有防护设备足够,医护人员才能得以保护好自己继续在前线为人民战斗。 “国家有难,匹夫有责”,危机时刻,满星云在履行公民责任,与国家共患难之余,亦希望能发挥影响力,号召各界人士更关注前线医疗团队的防护设备课题! To help medical front liners combat the increasingly serious COVID-19 pandemic, Monspace has donated large amounts of medical gloves and sanitising supply to the Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM), hoping to do our part in overcoming this invisible war. Medical professionals are constantly exposed to danger in order to save others. […]

Happy International Women’s Day!

Woman play an important role both in society and in our economy. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank women for contributing so much to society’s progress. Today is International Women’s Day, and I want to thank women for all that they have done for the world. Thank you! 女性在人类社会与经济的发展中扮演着重要的角色,我们由衷的感谢并珍惜女性在社会进步的进程中贡献了巨大的力量,今天是国际妇女节,在此感谢女性对家庭以及社会的贡献,谢谢妳们!

Premature Attempts are the Beginning of Success

Premature Attempts are the Beginning of Success I think the saddest thing in life is to have great ambitions, yet lack the courage to realise it. Successful people understand one thing: even premature attempts are better than an unborn dream. 不成熟的尝试是成功的开始 我认为,人生最可惜的事是你满怀大志却缺乏勇气去实行,全因害怕失败。那些成功人士之所以成功是因为明白一个道理:即使是不成熟的尝试,也胜于胎死腹中的策略。

Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai attended the 1st International Seminar on Exercise Medicine of Pakistan

Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai, a strong proponent for the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCD) and chair of the World Conference on Exercise Medicine (WCEM), attended the 1st International Seminar on Exercise Medicine, on 28-29 Feburary 2020 in Lahore, Pakistan. In her opening ceremony speech, Lai shared her learning 4 years ago while researching the topic […]

Singaporean film maker Jack Neo named head of Asia Momentum Entertainment

The move to build a film and television city in Malaysia is based on the various business and economic opportunities it brings. Its establishment is expected to stimulate the local entertainment industry.   Asia Momentum Entertainment has been named head of Asia Momentum Entertainment, which also has an app. Jack Neo is a household name in Asia, […]

Banks seeking to transform and embrace blockchain

Banks seeking to transform and embrace blockchain. Citibank CEO Michael Corbat revealed in a conference that if Citibank maintains status quo, the future is worrying. He said that he is a “strong believer” in blockchain. 大银行积极转型,拥抱区块链等新技术 花旗 银行CEO 迈克尔·高沛德(Michael Corbat)在一个大会上透露,花旗如果还是安于现状的话前途堪忧,他说自己是区块链的“坚定信仰者”。

Fintech startups consider Malaysia is great potential and is worth developing

Fintech has gradually taken root in various fields, and has gradually attracted the attention of advanced countries such as China and the United States. But in Malaysia, fintech is still in its infancy. Although related companies have appeared on the market, they are not yet considered mainstream. Fintech faces many challenges in Malaysia, including traditional […]

Not the most successful—they might not be the best suited one!

If you want to start a business successfully, my advice is to find people who are suitable for the job. Not the most successful—they might not be the best suited one! 若你想要创业,我的忠告是,创业要找最合适的人,不一定要找最成功的人,因为最成功的人未必是最适合你的人!