This special season, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas ! With every shopping mall decked out in Christmas decorations and festive tunes are playing everywhere, it’s hard not to get into the festive mood. As a Christian, celebrating Christmas is just as exciting as celebrating Chinese New Year to me. A few weeks before this special day every year, I would start […]

Never push a loyal person to the point where they walk away

Having faithful employees is the dream of every employer. An enterprise’s growth is directly related to the loyalty of its workers, and vice versa. A corporation’s biggest asset is indeed not its money, but its employees! The key to keeping faithful employees around is respect. To put it simply, its about showing genuine care and […]


MONSPACE Multinational Corporation has officiated the soft launch of Monspace Mall Korea at Le Meridien Hotel, Seoul on 9 December 2017. Founder and CEO of MONSPACE, Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai, was present in Seoul to officiate the event. The soft launch on Saturday announced a collaboration between Monspace Mall Korea and Korean mall. MONSPACE intends […]

MONSPACE And Over 60 Global Experts Gather At Blockchain Summit 2017 In London

On 28 November, MONSPACE attended the Blockchain Summit 2017 in Olympia, London. More than 60 speakers from around the world were present to discuss topics including banking and finance, insurance, health and wellness, entertainment and more. The speakers have in depth discussions on Monday, exploring and analysing the revolutionary implications of blockchain technology. It’s a new […]

MONSPACE Hosts “Back To School” Year End Gala As Appreciation to Staff

Our achievements are only possible because of the hard work put in by every single employee. They have stuck with us through thick and thin, and truly I say, a company’s employees are their greatest asset. Without great workers, even the best leaders can’t hold together a company alone. MONSPACE is a happy and close-knitted […]

Promoting Chinese Education: Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai Donates to 2017 Chinese Youth Secondary School Chinese Association Conference

Malaysia has always been lauded as the Southeast Asia nation out of Greater China that offers a high quality, holistic Chinese education. It’s something Malaysian Chinese can be proud of, as it is the fruits of our persistence in preserving our culture. In Malaysia’s education system, Chinese language classes are offered throughout primary to tertiary […]

Clarification: MONSPACE (M) Sdn Bhd In Process of Application for Electronic Money License

Monspace is a corporation committed to transparency and thorough communication with our members. All activities we participate in are made known to members through official channels. News about us from other sources should be closely scrutinised, and in this case, denied and condemned for misleading the public and members. 长久以来,集团致力于与我们的会员保持全面公开透明沟通,集团所主办以及参与的所有活动皆通过集团的官方渠道向会员、客户以及民众公布。我们否认所有非集团官方渠道发布的消息,也将密切关注不实报导的来源处,并强烈谴责该些误导民众之不实散播方。