2016 Earth Day: Trees for The Earth世界地球日 – Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai

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The weather has been sweltering in Malaysia recently, up to 40 degrees Celsius. On the news, everyday we see droughts happening throughout southeast Asia, or people suffering from heat stroke in large numbers.

This is not the first time we encounter drastic weather changes. Before Chinese New Year, it even snowed in Taiwan! A tropical country experiencing snow is solid evidence that the earth has changed.

The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) released the “WMO Statement on the Status of the Climate in 2015” on 21 March. In it, we learned that the global average temperature last year was much warmer than previous records; a whopping 0.76 degrees Celcius more than the average between 1961-1990.

Stepping into 2016, the earth shows no sign of cooling down. January and February made record highs in global monthly temperature.

Therefore, the World Meterological Day in March used the theme “Hotter, Drier ,Wetter, Face the Future”. It vividly shows how rapidly our climate is changing, and deterioration is happening at a rate like never before.

Even though the WMO stated that the recent climate change is mainly caused by El-Nino, they warned that global warming will not cease in future even if El-Nino does.

Human causes are definitely the main factor in climate change. One of the major causes is deforestation, especially tropical forests. The destruction of these forests worsens the climate everyday.

Every year, our neighbour Indonesia also engages in large scale slashing and burning of forests. This not only causes great suffering for citizens in Singapore and Malaysia, it also hastens the process of deforestation.

Among the disappearing forests, tropical forests are being destroyed at the fastest rate. The Amazon, Thailand and Indonesia has the world’s largest rainforests. The Amazon rainforest, dubbed the “lungs of the earth”, produces 40% of the entire world’s oxygen supply. Now it faces the threat of gradual extinction, due to overly aggressive logging.

The benefits provided by forests are greater than what you can imagine. Large swathes of forests help to regulate the earth’s temperature, their roots help retain water in the soil, and prevent soil erosion. Rotten woods form the habitat of many organisms, and eventually provides nutrients for the soil.

Due to the worry of speedy deforestation, the theme of Earth Day this year is “Trees for The Earth” calling on all to take action against the alarming depletion of our forests. Hopefully, by gathering everyone’s effort to start planting trees in their neighbourhood, we can plant 7.8 billion trees by the 2020 Earth Day.

“Trees for The Earth” plans to collaborate with government institutions, local groups, religious leaders, corporations and civil societies, decking out the solutions below at areas experiencing the worst forms of deforestation:

-fighting against climate change and pollution

-protect biodiversity

-support community economy and their lifestyles

-rally people to become environmental conscious citizens, and join the effort in environmental protection

Do not underestimate your abilities! You can also play a part in protecting the environment. Besides planting more trees, you can switch off the lights whenever you can, use fuel efficient cars, avoid heat-absorbing clothes in warm weather, shut off the car engine when not moving , etc. These are things that everyone can do.

As long as we are aware of the crisis, and put in effort to protect the environment, even small efforts can turn into huge forces that can change the earth!

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For more information about the 2016 Earth Day “Trees for Earth”, please visit: http://www.earthday.org/about/

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世界气象组织(WMO)3月21日发表的2015年气候状态声明(The WMO Statement on the Status of the Climate in 2015 )指出,去年全球平均表面温度大幅打破了历年记录,比1961至1990年的平均水平约高出0.76摄氏度。


于是,不久前的3月国际气候节直接将主题设为“直面更热、更旱、更涝的未来”(Hotter, Drier ,Wetter, Face the Future),充分的显示出世界正见证因温室气体排放而加剧气候变化,是现代纪录中前所未有。






基于对森林迅速消失的担忧,今年的世界地球日的主题设为“为地球加’树’”(Trees for The Earth ),呼吁人类能针对正以惊人速度消失的森林展开迫切的拯救行动,希望集合全人类的力量,为自己所住的社区申请种植树木计划,希望能在2020年地球日五十周年前种下7.8亿棵树。

“Trees for the Earth”计划与全球的政府组织、地方团体、宗教领袖、企业以及民间团体合作,针对世界上森林砍伐最严重的地区,以下列指标进行拯救:







#trees4earth #earthday2016

想知道更多关于2016地球日Trees for earth的消息,浏览:http://www.earthday.org/about/


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