2018 Chinese New Year Greetings from Monspace

We’ve coursed through 2017 hand in hand, and here we are now in 2018. As we approach Chinese New Year, Monspace would like to wish everyone success in your career, fruitful personal lives, and a Happy Chinese New Year!

The past year was a year of hard work, and a year that Monspace is most proud of. Everyone in the company latched on to the same vision, and we fought for a dream that we truly believed in. Hand in hand, we conquered great adversities and created history.

Since last year, Monspace has expanded our operations overseas, including Algeria, the Caribbeans, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, and England. Our global users membership has exceeded 20 million.

We have marched boldly into the booming cryptocurrency market, and created MSD, working its way to a new financial future.

In 2018, we are not slowing down. We will continue to move forward fearlessly, seizing opportunities and innovating ourselves to take on whatever challenge that might come our way.

May Monspace continue to flourish like flowers in spring, stay rock solid in the face of challenges, and may all of our colleagues and friends find happiness, health, and prosperity this festive season!