2019, bring on what you can, because we’re ready for anything!

Every year end, I take time to reflect on everything that has happened over the year. It is a time to assess what has been done, and be excited about what’s to come.

What have we done this year? What achievements have we managed to create? What can we do in the new year? What’s worth recording? What’s worth continuing? What needs tweaking and what needs a revamp, how do we do it?

And so the year end is a season of anticipation. We anticipate that the goals we don’t achieve this year can be achieved next year. We want the new year to be better than this one!

And that’s what motivates me to write my thoughts down every year end.

As an entrepreneur, business person, and CEO—I constantly remind myself to reflect, learn, and improve.

In 2018, Monspace has been founded for 4 years. The number 4 may not be the most auspicious number for Chinese people, but to me it represents hope. This year’s anniversary theme “Persevere and Shine” perfectly sums up our founding belief: persevere.

All of an enterprise’s achievement stems from perseverance. It is the only way to succeed.

4 years ago Monspace was founded amidst a sea of scepticism, and yet we pushed on. Throughout the journey, we learned to crawl, walk, and grow like a baby. We had our fair share of stumbles and trips, but it only made us stronger each time.

In 2018, our perseverance paid off. The company saw rapid expansion into markets such as Vietnam, Singapore, and Algeria; we are now closer than ever to being a global operation.

We didn’t limit ourselves to just one field either. Monspace has tapped into aero food technology, hosted one of Malaysia’s best e-commerce exhibition, hosted the ASEAN Davos Blockchain Conference, and founded CPMall, a lifestyle and shopping platform.

Of course, none of these came easy to us. Each achievement is a testament of our hard work.

As the old saying goes, no pain no gain. If you’re afraid of failing, there’s no way for you to taste success.

I don’t like repeating how difficult it has been, because we all know challenges are part and parcel on the journey to success. So it does not matter what troubles we weathered, only how much we were able to pick ourselves up, learn from our mistakes and move on.

I would like to thank my colleagues. They are my best comrades, and have stood by me through it all. Monspace enjoys its success today not because of me, but because of the entire team. I would like to share this glory with them—thank you for braving through the storm and taking on each adventure with me. Because of you, we have achieved the impossible.

“Persevere and Shine”—may we learn perseverance, practise it, and believe in our limitless potential. Not all hard work gets rewarded, but the lack of hard work dooms us to failure.

In 2018, Monspace has metamorphosed into a full grown, beautiful butterfly. It is ready to spread it wings and fly. 2019, bring on what you can, because we’re ready for anything!