21 young innovative team recruitment staffed in USJ 19 City Mall plan has officially ended

Monspace has announced an innovative plan of recruiting 21 young relatives of members to manage a mall under the company earlier on. The practical learning and experience would help hone their management and leadership skills, nurturing excellent leaders for today’s business world.

Yesterday, this recruitment drive has officially ended, and a strict selection process has begun. Unfortunately, we notice that many applications are incomplete, either lacking a resume or important information. This causes a significant slow down in the selection process.

After discussion, the committee has decided to offer 2 more days for those who have not submitted a resume. Please submit yours to [email protected] by 2 November 2017 (Thursday).

We strongly encourage all applicants to seize this last opportunity in the next two days, and submit the relevant documents as soon as possible.

Thank you.



经过商议後,专案小组决定再宽限两天给那些未附上简历的申请者们,在2017年11月2日(星期四)前期请补上你们的简历电邮至[email protected]