25 book recommendations from top CEOs:25本CEO推荐书籍

赖彩云 Jessy Lai Chai Yun-25 book recommendations from top CEOs
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A survey by the Ministry of Education found that although literacy rate in Malaysia is as high as 93%, the habit of reading is still very low. About 85% of citizens report a habit of reading, yet 77% of this number only reads the news.
The National Library of Malaysia also published a report in 2011 showing that the average Malaysian reads only 8 books in a year, a much lower rate compared to Japan or America.
The Ministry of Education also found that Malaysians commonly only read about topics that are related to their lives, unlike citizens of other nations who read in wide range of fields.
If you have travelled in Europe or Japan, you would realise that many people are quietly reading while waiting to commute. Many research also show a correlation between high living standards and the culture of reading. As its people become more knowledgeable, the country becomes more competitive.
The number one reason for not reading should be familiar to everyone: not having enough time.
As the CEO of a corporate, my daily life is extremely busy. Though I have many books at home, reading is a difficult task as my schedule becomes more and more busy these days.
The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, wants to remove the myth that CEOs do not have time to read. He announced that his goal this year is to read one book every other week, and his reading list includes fields such as culture, religion, management and fiction. He even created the “Year of Books” Facebook page to encourage everyone to take time to read. Up until 28th December last year, he has read 23 books.
I highly commend Mark’s reading plan, because it shows that a CEO does not give up on learning even after achieving success in their career. Many entrepreneurs choose to learn through avenues such as workshops, conferences or educational courses. Nevertheless taking time away from the office will inevitably end up accumulating more work for oneself.
For this reason, many top entrepreneurs choose to read for self-development. Not only does it help build our intellect, it is also a great way to unwind.
More than that, we should also try to read about topics beyond our field of interest or expertise. Different view points and books can bring you fresh perspectives and stimulate your mind. I also like to keep notes of my own thoughts while reading, that way, I encourage myself to think more critically, and it also helps me with absorbing whatever I’ve read.
Column writer of American website Inc, John Ramton, introduced 25 books that are highly recommended by people such Founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos. I love this list, as it lets me know what books top CEOs are reading and what inspires them. After looking at this list, I immediately placed orders for the books online. I have decided to emulate Mark Zuckerberg—making time to read even amidst a hectic schedule.
1. The Remains of the Day
Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos lists Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day among his favorite books, citing its ability to teach readers about life and regret.

2. The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Olympics
As Morgan Stanley’s chairman and CEO, James Gorman finds inspiration in this story of determined amateurs who accomplished great things.

3. The End of Power
When Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg kicked off his goal to read a new book every two weeks, he started with this book, a study in how leadership has evolved over the past 100 years.

4. The Innovator’s Dilemma
Although he’s no longer with us, Steve Jobs remains an inspiration. Among his favorite books was Clayton Christensen’s book on changing technology, which he said deeply influenced him.

5. Competing Against Time
Apple’s Tim Cook reportedly recommends this book to new hires and hands out copies to colleagues.

6. Napoleon
Former Oracle CEO Larry Ellison felt particularly inspired by Vincent Cronin’s biography on Napoleon, feeling inspired by the way a man of modest means accomplished great things.

7. The Charisma Myth
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer threw her support behind this book, which instructs readers on mastering charisma to win people over.

8. Search Inside Yourself
Among the books that Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh recommends is Search Inside Yourself, a guide to finding inner joy.

9. The Intelligent Investor
He may be the world’s top investor, but Warren Buffett spends most of his time reading. Among the many books on the billionaire’s to-read list is this one, which he says shaped his investment philosophy.

10. Business Adventures
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates read Business Adventures at Buffett’s recommendation and says the 1969 collection of Wall Street tales remains his favorite business book to date.

11. The Art of Happiness
LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner learned the true meaning of compassion through this book from the Dalai Lama.

12. The Prince
Blackstone Group CEO Stephen Schwarzman lists this Nicolo Machiavelli classic among his all-time favorites.

13. The Art of War
In his book Behind the Cloud, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff describes how he applied the concepts in The Art of War to beat competitors through the element of surprise.

14. Lean In
When Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg released her book Lean In, Cisco’s John Chambers saw it as the perfect opportunity to encourage the promotion of women. He handed a copy to each of his senior managers.

15. A Short Guide to a Happy Life
In addition to her own book, Sandberg recommends this book, which centers around women’s roles and self-perception.

16. How Will You Measure Your Life?
Former New York City mayor and business magnate Michael Bloomberg recommends How Will You Measure Your Life? which explores the importance of mingling business and philosophy.

17. The Effective Executive
Another book on Jeff Bezos’s list is The Effective Executive, which helps with time management and decision making.

18. The Ascent of Money
When Coca-Cola executive Muhtar Kent wants inspiration, he turns to this book, which bills itself as “a financial history of the world.”

19. Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works
HP CEO Meg Whitman makes this book required reading for HP’s hundreds of thousands of employees, believing its advice on setting and following strategy is crucial to success.

20. The Tipping Point
When she wants to inspire her staff, Lockheed Martin Corp’s Marillyn Hewson brings in The Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell.

21. My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
Google’s Larry Page finds inspiration in stories about other successful leaders, including this one about AC current inventor Tesla.

22. The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right
Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey hands this book to new hires at Square and quotes from it often.

23. The Catcher in the Rye
In addition to his business book recommendations, Bill Gates lists this classic as his all-time favorite, admiring its depiction of the intelligence of youth.

24. The World Is Flat
JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon has a long recommended reading list, but this book is at the top of the list.

25. Atlas Shrugged
Add ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson to the long list of people who believe Atlas Shrugged is among the most influential books of our time.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column column_padding=”no-extra-padding” column_padding_position=”all” background_color_opacity=”1″ background_hover_color_opacity=”1″ width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]马克、贝佐斯等优秀企业家正阅读什么?25本CEO推荐书籍


马来西亚国家图书(National Library)2011年的一项报告指出,大马人平均一年只有阅读8本书,相比起日本与美国高度阅读率,大马的阅读率相当低迷。





但面子书创办人马克.祖克伯(Mark Zuckerberg)却要打破“CEO没时间阅读”的迷思,宣布自己的年度目标是每两周阅读两本书的计划,他的阅读清单包罗万象,从文化、宗教、管理到小说都涵盖。他还创建了“读书之年 ” (Year of Books)的脸书专页,鼓励每一位领导者在忙碌的公事之余,也务必抽空阅读。截至去年12月28日,他总共阅读了23本书。




美国著名网站Inc专栏作家John Ramton在其专栏里介绍了25本马克、亚马逊(Amazon)创办人杰夫.贝佐斯(Jeff  Bezos)等极力推荐的书籍,我看了非常欣喜,因为这份详细的清单,让我有机会得知顶尖的CEO正阅读什么、是什么书籍启发了他们。看了这份清单后,我立即上网去订购这些书籍,我决定效仿马克,在忙于公事之余,也来挑战年度阅读计划。


1.《长日将尽》(The Remains of the Day)

亚马逊创办人贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)将日本作家黑石一雄的经典作品列为他最喜爱的书籍之一,表示这本书能交到读者人生与遗憾的课题。

2.《船上的男孩:9为美国人的1936年奥林匹亚征途》(The Boys in the Baot: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Olympics)

讲述业余的划船前进柏林奥运的故事,摩根士丹利董事长詹姆斯高曼(James Gorman)深受启发,即使是平凡的业余选手,他们下定决定后也能有不凡的成就。
3.《微权力》(The End of Power)

Facebook创办人马克.祖克伯(Mark Zuckerberg)宣示每两周读一本后阅读的第一本书。本书谈的是权力在过去100年来的演进。

4.《创新的两难》(The Innovator’s Dilemma)


5.《时基竞争》(Competing Against Time)

谈论时间在商业竞争上的重要性。苹果现任CEO库克(Tim Cook)曾发这本书给公司同仁。


前甲骨文CEO艾利森(Larry Ellison) 对这本拿破仑传记的心得是,出身寒微的人也可以改变他的人生,另一方面,他也认为从拿破仑身上可以看到历史如何遭到扭曲。

7.《魅力学》(The Charisma Myth)

拆解魅力的组成元素,认为任何人都可以变成有魅力的人。 Yahoo执行长梅丽莎(Marissa Mayer)对此书表示支持,本书的发表会就是在她家举办。

8.《搜寻你内心的关键字》(Search Inside Yourself)

Zappos执行长谢家华(Tony Hsieh)推荐此书作为心灵成长的指南,认为这本书有改变人生、带来快乐的潜能。

9.《智慧型股票投资人》(The Intelligent Investor)

世界知名的投资者巴菲特(Warren Buffett)的爱书,表示本书形塑了他的投资哲学。

10.《商业冒险》(Business Adventures)

微软(Microsoft)创办人比尔盖兹(Bill Gates )经由巴菲特的推荐读了本书。本书收纳了12个1969年华尔街上的真实故事,从此成为比尔盖兹的最爱。

11.《乱世中的快乐之道》(The Art of Happiness)

LinkedIn执行长杰夫韦纳(Jeff Weiner)从这本达赖喇麻所著的书当中学到同理心的真谛。

12.《君王论》(The Prince)

 黑石集团CEO史蒂夫·施瓦茨曼(Stephen Schwarzman)将本书列为永恒经典。


Salesforce执行长马克‧贝尼奥夫(Marc Benioff)曾说他应用孙子兵法的观念出奇制胜,打败敌手。

14.《挺身而进》(Lean In)

 Facebook营运长桑德柏格(Sheryl Sandberg)的著作。思科创办人钱柏斯(John Chambers)认为这是促进女性经理人升迁的绝佳机会,并发送这本书给公司主管。

15.《有种感觉叫快乐》(A Short Guide to a Happy Life)

 Facebook营运长桑德柏格(Sheryl Sandberg)除了自己的著作外,还推荐这本关注女性角色与自我认知的书。

16.《你要如何衡量你的人生? 》(How Will You Measure Your Life?)

 前纽约市市长,也是商业巨子的彭博(Michael Bloomberg)推荐这本探索工作与人生意义的书。

17.《杜拉克谈高效能的五个习惯》(The Effective Executive)

亚马逊创办人贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)认为这本有助于时间管理与决策。

18.《货币崛起》(The Ascent of Money)

 可口可乐执行长穆塔肯特(Muhtar Kent)从这部记录世界金融历史的书籍中汲取灵感。

19.《玩成大赢家》(Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works)

 惠普CEO惠特曼(Meg Whitman)将本书列为惠普员工的必读书,认为书中关于制定和执行策略的方法是成功的关键。

 20.《引爆趋势》(The Tipping Point)

 洛克希德·马丁(Lockheed Martin)集团执行长休森(Marillyn Hewson) 十分赞赏畅销作家葛拉威尔的著作

21.《尼古拉特斯拉自传》(《My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla》)

Google创办人佩吉(Larry Page)小时候读了这本特斯拉的自传,并对特斯拉发明了交流电深感惊奇。

22.《检查表:不犯错的秘密武器》(The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right)

Twitter和Square创办人杰克多西(Jack Dorsey)经常引述书中的话并将此书发给公司新进员工。

 23.《麦田捕手》(The Catcher in the Rye)

 微软(Microsoft)创办人比尔盖兹(Bill Gates )除了推荐商业书之外,将这本小说列为经典必读,赞扬书中描绘出青少年的聪慧。

24.《世界是平的》(The World Is Flat)

摩根大通执行长杰米戴蒙(Jamie Dimo​​n)在他一长串的书单中首推这本。

 25.《阿特拉斯耸耸肩》(Atlas Shrugged)

艾克森美孚(ExxonMobil)执行长雷克斯·蒂勒森(Rex Tillerson)与其他许多成功人士都相信本书是当代最有影响力的书之一。









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