9 Things Time has Taught Me 岁月教会我的九件事

赖彩云 Jessy Lai Chai Yun-time

9 Things Time has Taught Me

The world was much simpler when we were younger. The laws and giving and receiving were simple: as long as you put in hard work, you will be duly rewarded. We thought that if were kind to people, then they would be kind in return. We thought if we held on to something, then it would stay with us forever. Our wrong assumptions about the world blinded us to the reality, and of course, we end up making mistakes, stumbling and falling along the way.

Eventually we learned. We experienced many things in life that forced us to grow and mature, and while we still feel the same joys and sorrows, we respond much differently from how we used to. The baptism of time made us someone different from who we used to be.

As I look back, I realised that one lesson time has taught me is to be strong. To care less about things that do not matter, and to look at the world with trained eyes. These are lessons that money can’t buy. You can only learn them by honestly living life.

I would summarise my lessons to a few pointers. This is partly to remind myself of life’s precious lessons, and also in hopes that you can benefit from them.

1.Let go: of things that do not matter. Do not waste time on matters that do not add value to your life.

2.Be gracious: try to understand the people around you with a forgiving heart

3.Love yourself: learn to take care of yourself, do not hang your happiness on financial wealth

4.Have direction: Know where you’re headed in life. Be it good times or bad times, learn to accept and adapt

5.Mature: Maturity does not come with age, rather your ability to take on responsibilities

6.Be in touch with the world: Don’t be cold and reclusive. Be forgiving and accepting of things around us, and try to do what you can for those in need.

7.Accept the reality: it may not be pretty, but there’s always beauty in humanity if you look in the right places

8.Be forgiving: there is no need to force yourself to accept things you hate, but there is also no need to spend energy going strongly against it. Live and let live.

9.Attitude: it decides your altitude. Your thoughts can change everything.

There is a very intriguing quote: “If you are afraid of the dark, turn on the lights. If you miss someone, contact them. Anything great today becomes something small tomorrow. A great event today becomes history the next year. And in the end, we are all but people with some stories to tell. Thus, life is much like daffodils—we look like we are free, but really many things are not in our control. It is not that we do not care, but rather we know caring sometimes doesn’t change a thing. As long as we have done our best, we can live bravely with no regrets.”
Stop thinking about “what if’s”. Instead of imagining what could have been, why don’t we start taking actions to make things possible.

Famous Taiwanese designer Peter Su once said that there are 4 things that we should insist on in life:

1.Do not bring your worries to bed, for that is a place to sleep
2.Do not bring your hatred to the next day, for that is a beautiful day
3.Do not spread your sadness to others, for that is irresponsible
4.Do not show your negative emotions, for that makes you unlikeable

















台湾著名新生辈设计师兼作家Peter Su曾经说过四点必须坚持的事情,与大家共勉之:


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