Beauty from nature: Mon Space’s new agarwood product / Mon Space研发沉香木天然保养品

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Beauty from nature: Mon Space’s new agarwood product

Malaysians are becoming increasingly health-conscious, and many of us are getting proactive in caring for our health through eating clean, working out and consuming health products.

Considering the extent of pollution in the air, and the amount of artificial additives we consume in our food, our lives are increasingly infiltrated by harmful chemicals. Once in a while, it feels good to return to nature’s beauty and enjoy the bountiful health benefits it offers. Hence, skincare products that feature natural ingredients are becoming more and more popular.

Mon Space understands this, and besides importing the IMC Lab White from Korea, we also want to extend our reach to natural skin care. Thus we developed beauty products based on agarwood, nature’s secret to staying healthy.
How much do you know about agarwood?

It is a plant that the Chinese traditionally use to help with sleep, beauty, reduce flatulence, improve digestive system and reduce excess fats in the body. In traditional Malay medication, it is used to help with arthritis, reduce body aches and fever.

Japan has also found that agarwood is effective in mitigating the spread of cancer cells.

In the beauty industry, agarwood has its special position. It is used as a scent stabiliser in perfumes and beauty products—so if you are using any product that smells great, it is most probably because of agarwood. The ingredient not only moisturises the skin, it also removes spots and scars. Just a little bit of it helps keep perfume scents last longer.

Mon Space’s creation is based on this magical ingredient—using agarwood as the main item, we add on aloe vera and coconut oil to create soaps that does wonders for your skin.

The properties of this soap are: calming effects, improves blood circulation, reduces eye bags, promotes healthy growth of hair, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, tightens skin, and improves symptoms of skin conditions.

Besides its skincare benefits, agarwood can also be made into perfume that has a great calming effect. Big brands such as Gucci and Valentino have both recently launched perfumes with an oriental scent. Mon Space has also launched a perfume based on agarwood scents. Its elegant, subtle tones are perfect for Asian women.

美容业返璞归真 Mon Space研发沉香木天然保养品



Mon Space集团洞悉美容行业的潜能,除了引进韩国首创的晒白机之外,也将美容的触角延伸至天然保养这一块大趋势上,发掘了以沉香木为主的天然美容产品,大力推广天然保养之道。







沉香木除了能与用美容保养品上,也能提炼成香味持久,具有宁神作用的香水,近年来时尚大牌例如Gucci、Valentino等相继推出最具东方特色的沉香味道为主的香水,而Mon Space的美容团队也推出了以沉香木为主要成分的香水,淡雅的味道非常适合东方女性!

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