Donation to Orphaned Children of Car Crash Victims

Datuk Seri Jessy Lai & Mon Space Group International Helping Car Crash Victims and Accident Donating to the Public Malaysia 2014
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Donation to Orphaned Children of Car Crash Victims

On 23 May 2014, a tragic accident on Jalan Cheras Susur Chan Sow Lin killed a married couple, and orphaned their five young children overnight. The news shook our nation as we saw graphic images of the scene being published on the media, and many were concerned about the fate of the children who were left behind.

The victims have been identified as Jefri Mohd Zain, 50 and his wife, Norsalawati Ibrahim, 40, who both died at the scene of the incident. Cheras Police Chief ACP Mohan Singh Tara Singh said the incident took place at 8am when the couple, riding a Honda EX5 motorcycle, were heading to Jalan Chan Sow Lin from Cheras. The victim lost control of his motorbike out of a sudden, and got hit by a passing lorry. The lorry driver immediately fled the scene.

The five children left orphaned by this incident were very young, only at the age of 3, 4, 10, 14, and 16. Words cannot describe the devastation the children would have gone through; losing both their parents overnight and not having stable financial support. Mon Space Group decided to not sit by idly—soon after we heard about the news, our team decided to pay these children a visit.

We traveled to Cheras, where the children were staying, bringing some gifts and donations. I was very touched and impressed by how polite and welcoming they were. Even amidst such tragedy, they were able to maintain a positive attitude, giving us their warmest smiles and words of appreciation. We were also very happy to see elder ones taking up demanding roles of the new caretaker, dotingly looking after their younger siblings the entire duration of our visit.

Ms. Norazma bt. Mohd Zain, aunt to the orphaned children, expressed her gratitude to everyone who has shown concern and care after the incident. She said no matter how small or how big the donations were; the family is deeply appreciative of the society’s kind gesture.

Losing a loved one is extremely painful, let alone for young children like these, losing both parents. Our hearts go out to them—no child should have to go through such a traumatising experience. I would like to call on everyone to continue looking out for them. Even though it has been two years, I am sure the family still needs continuous support both financially and emotionally.

No one expected that an everyday routine of visiting Chan Sow Lin would suddenly take away the couple’s lives forever. Let this be our reminder to stay cautious on the road, and to always appreciate life. There is absolutely no guarantee to how our lives will be tomorrow. Let us live everyday like it is our last.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column column_padding=”no-extra-padding” column_padding_position=”all” background_color_opacity=”1″ background_hover_color_opacity=”1″ width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

车祸夺双亲命 5名孩子变遗孤  Mon Space集团爱心捐赠物资救济



这两名命丧车祸的死者分别是50岁的Jefri Mohd Zain以及40岁的Norsalawati Ibrahim,车祸发生前两人正骑着Honda EX5摩托从焦赖(Cheras)开往 Chan Chow Lin路,摩托突然失去控制,两人随后倒地,此时非常不幸的被一辆罗里撞上,而肇事的罗里司机在车祸发生后逃离现场。




当我们将物资交给孩子们时,孩子们都露出温暖的笑容,并连声道谢。声声的“Terima Kasih”,敲击我的心,让我感受到孩子们真心的感恩。

孩子们的阿姨Norazma bt. Mohd Zain非常感谢Mon Space集团的善心捐助,她说,不论善心是大或小、是多或寡,他们都非常感谢各界善心人士愿意伸出援手,在孩子们危难时帮助他们。



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