Leonard Chua – An Inspiration to All

Datuk Seri Jessy Lai & Mon Space Group International Helps Leonard Chua, a disabled (orang kurang upaya) to succed in his life, with a thank you message
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Leonard Chua – An Inspiration to All


Leonard Chua Tze Yeu is a young man from Melaka whose life changed permanently after a car crash at the age of 24. Waking up paralysed from his armpit downwards, Leonard refuses to let the accident take him down, and was determined to continue being a contributing member of society.

Today, he is an inspiration to many, and has even wrote the book “残废后,我走得更快!” (I Walk Faster As A Handicap). Mon Space Group is honoured to be able to help Leonard during his difficult times, and we are extremely proud of what he has achieved today.

Leonard’s story is a story worth sharing. On 6 October 2005, he met with an accident at the Kuala Lumpur Federal Highway and was subsequently admitted to the ICU of University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) for six weeks, followed by 4 months of rehabilitation. It was a devastating accident, and apart from being paralysed from armpit to toe, his doctors also claimed that he would not have normal hand functions due to his spinal cord injury.

Leonard did not give up on hope of recovery. Although the journey was difficult, he relearned all the skills involving his hands, much to his doctors’ surprise. From drawing straight line and circles to writing ABC, everything was an uphill battle, but he persisted.

Eventually, he regained his hand functions, and is now able to carry out tasks such as signing and writing letters. He also went through extensive speech therapy to correct his slurring.

Today, Leonard is a motivational speaker and has spoken at many corporate events. In early 2010, Leonard was nominated as one of the 50 CLEO most eligible bachelors of the year, making him the first disabled CLEO bachelor finalist in Malaysia.

Having gone through much suffering and difficulty himself, Leonard is determined to help those who share his fate. During his free time, he visits the UMMC to share his story and encourage the patients. Leonard also does home visits and teaches patients how to manage and take care of themselves after spinal cord injury.

To bring his efforts one step further, Leonard founded the NGO “Beyond Rehab Wellness Center”. The purpose of this centre is to help People With Disabilities (PWD) in Malaysia, inspiring them to not give up and proving to them that life could still be great even if one is living with disabilities.

Leonard continues to be an inspiration. Many awards have been given to him, including the Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Award 2011, F&N Outdo Yourself Award 2012, Prestige Top 40 Under 40 in the Community Service Award, the Guang Ming HERO award, and most recently the Asia Golden Dragon Award: Asia Outstanding Community Contribution Award.

I believe there are many people like Leonard out there: people with great potential, if only help was given to them at the most critical points of their lives. I am glad I got in touch with Leonard and helped with his recovery. Looking at his achievements today, I can safely say that helping him was one of the best acts of charity I have done.

Mon Space Group seeks to continue empowering those who are in need, and we call on the whole community to share this responsibility.

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逃过鬼门关谷底重生 蔡志远:”残废后,我走得更快 !”













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