Mon Space Group Donates to Lovely Disabled Home发挥大爱 捐赠爱•关怀之家

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Earlier I blogged about visiting Lovely Disabled Home, which is located at SS2. I happened to be in the neighbourhood, so I decided to buy some daily necessities and donated them to the organisation.

After talking to its deputy director Cecilia Tan, I found out that the home has been established for 11 years now. It is a non-profit and non-governmental body, which provides working opportunity for people with special needs. On top of that, they also run a recycling centre.

Lovely Disabled Home primarily trains people with special needs to package fast food cutleries and prepare newspaper packaging for farmers in Cameron Highlands. Some members also work at the recycling centre. All working process is guided to ensure efficiency and quality.

The organisation divides their profit to all its workers, and further subsidises each of them RM50 per month. Members can also get assistance with welfare applications, accommodation and food.

As you can imagine, the cost of running this home is extremely high, made worse by the rising living cost. I could not just sit by and do nothing. After planning with my team, we decided to donate some much needed necessities to Lovely Disabled Home. These include wheelchairs, sealing machines for the packaging work, and a lot of groceries.

When I return again with my team, the founder of Lovely Disabled Home Mr. Lum was there to welcome us in person.

Mr. Lum uses a wheelchair himself, yet the fact that he is disabled hardly crossed my mind as we talked. He was cheerful, positive and every bit as lovely as every one else.

The man has had his fair share of troubles in life, yet they motivated him to serve those who share his fate. That was why he founded Lovely Disabled Home in 2005: to care for those with special needs, helping them integrate better into society.

I was moved by his story. His passion and kindness is truly inspiring, and I have no doubt he will continue to do well in caring for those in need.

But sometimes it is not enough to have a good heart; a great mind is just as important in making this world a better place. Luckily, Mr. Lum has both. His business acumen tells him that automation and machineries threaten to replace manpower, posing significant risk to the livelihood of disabled people. After much thought, he decided to create his own brand.

“We thought for very long, and finally decided to come up with our own brand of socks—Lovely Disabled Home socks. These products are a basic necessity for everyone, and are sold at a fair price. Even athletes wear the socks we produce, proving that they are of good quality.”

Mr. Lum emphasised that every purchase of these socks helps fund Lovely Disabled Home.

Mr. Lum is grateful for Mon Space Group’s donation of wheelchairs, sealing machines and groceries. He hopes that more organisations would do the same, giving what they can to help make lives a little better for the less fortunate.

“It is not difficult to create a loving society. All it takes are people who are willing to give a little bit more.”
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还记得早前我曾拜访位于SS2的一间残障中心爱•关怀之家(Lovely Disabled Home)吗?


当时我跟爱关怀之家的副总干事陈菁茜(Deputy Director, Cecilia Tan)聊天后知道这家残障中心已经成立了11年,是一所非政府组织及非盈利的残障中心,设有提供没有能力在外赚钱的特殊朋友就业机会的爱•工作坊以及推动社会环保的资源回收中心。













陈国前非常感谢Mon Space集团发挥大爱的精神,捐赠了轮椅、封口器以及大量的生活必需品给爱•关怀之家,他也非常希望广大的社会人士亦能效仿Mon Space集团,不吝啬的发挥爱心,帮助更多的残疾朋友,让他们能融入社会。


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