Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai attend The King’s Day festive held by Embassy of Belgium

The Belgian King’s Day happens on the 15 November annually. This is a special day since 1866. This time each year, Belgian royalties, politicians and citizens come together to celebrate at a thanksgiving ceremony at the grand cathedral.

Embassy of Belgium in Malaysia also chose to celebrate the King’s Feast a day early on 14 Nov (Wednesday), inviting noteworthy Malaysian politicians and business people to join in the occasion.

I am very grateful for the invitation by H.E. Pascal Gregoire to join in this meaningful festive, and the opportunity to learn about the historical significance of the day.

比利时国王节坐落在每年的11月15日 ,这个自1866年以来就是比利时的大日子,每年都会获得比利时王室成员、政要以及国民的热烈欢庆,国王节这一天将会在比利时大教堂举办盛大的赞美感恩仪式。


非常感谢比利时驻马外交大使H.E. Pascal Gregoire 的邀请,参与如此意义非凡的庆典,有机会更了解这个历史悠久的节日。