Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai Awarded The Grand Cross of Humanitarian Merit for Contribution in Humanitarian Work

The Spanish Institution of Humanitarian Merit is working towards the same goal as Monspace and I am. Over the years, Monspace has been heavily involved in charitable work, especially when it comes to education and healthcare.

Past winners of the Grand Cross of Humanitarian Merit Award were all active in doing charitable work, promoting humanitarianism, and caring about social issues. The institution also recognises the nomination of any person, of any nationality, as long as they are contributing to the society.

This shows that Monspace’s effort is internationally recognised. I hereby promise on behalf of Monspace that we will continue to fulfil our duty to society. We will leverage our influence and resources to make the world a better place.


纵观历届获颁 “西班牙人道大十字勋章” 的得奖者皆是活跃于慈善活动,提倡人道主义以及关心人类社会发展的人物,这个协会不分种族与宗教,只要对人类以及社会有贡献者,皆可获提名。