Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai host“Leadership Excellence Training” for MONSPACE Vietnam

Last month, Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai hosted a “Leadership Excellence Training” for 100 local hero in Medan, Indonesia and the heros are now able to excel, putting Monspace Indonesia on track for further success.

Replicating this succesful method, Monspace Multinational Corp CEO Dato Sri Jessy Lai conducted another training session for MONSPACE Vietnam. The session is open to carefully selected local leaders, with a program customised for their needs in order to maximise leadership potential.

During this trip, Dato Sri Jessy Lai also celebrated the launch of Monspace’s new office at HCM Vietnam. The office was recently renovated to fit the aesthetic of the company’s CEO.

Today, founder and the Group CEO Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai is the key speaker of today event. Through engaging words and a charismatic stage presence, she managed to turn a conventionally boring leadership training into an interesting one.

Dato Sri Jessy Lai not only shared theories and principles of leadership, she also shared real experiences and case studies to help illustrate her point.

The key point in this training session was to help attendants understand what influential leaders are made of. The Vietnamese leaders also learned how to create strong teams, delegate work effectively, harness their influence, and improve communication.

The company hopes all participants put their learnings to good use. MONSPACE has a bright future in their hands.