Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai sharing 9 success tips


《彩云星意》 彩云姐的九个成功秘笈 第222集 20181206

这集彩云姐将会告诉家人们9⃣️个如何管理正确心态的好方法,让家人们用最正面的心态与能量一起与彩云姐、满星云携手同行,用生命影响生命?到底是什么好方法呢?而当天在东盟区块链达沃斯论坛的家人们又有没有学以致用呢?Dato' Sri Jessy Lai – 拿督斯里赖彩云 will tell the family about the 9 success tips, and go hand in hand to use life inspiring life. And did the family members use it in the same day at ASEAN blockchain Davos Conference?

Posted by 彩云星意 JC Paradise on Khamis, 6 Disember 2018