March 8, 2016 – Happy International Women’s Day!

Dato Seri Jessy Lai Wishes All Women Happy International Women's Day 2016!
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Happy International Women’s Day 2016 to all my female friends, families & women out there!

This date is particularly important to all the women out there who has made great strides in life and has changed the world that we know today – From being a mother, to a useful member of the society, to the working class women that has made an impact in today’s cultural, political, economic and social landscapes. In the 21st century, we have seen a lot of public figures pledging for gender parity (#PledgeForParity), where the influential leaders are known to promote equality, respect and fairness in and out of the business world.

In Mon Space Asia, we have always promoted the equilibrium in everything that we do. Even centuries ago, through the teachings of Chinese proverbs, we have always been reminded to maintain a high degree of integrity and respect for each and every one – Whether it is to a colleague or a friend, a family or a stranger. And sure enough – Mon Space’s leadership team consists of 60% female from all over Asia – China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia & Korea.

Mon Space’s #PledeForParity goes beyond providing tools, rights or opportunities for all to succeed in our corporate culture; we go way and beyond the means of an average corporation to provide not only to the celebrated young working adult but also to children, and less fortunate members of our Malaysian society.

Such as the Batu Grace Orphanage in Kulim, Kedah where Mon Space provides 5-in-a-row terrace houses for the children to stay in, education, support & enrichment through a range of support programs. With the commitment and promise that the children in return, work their way to become professionals & achieve greater heights in their life.

And not to forget – Malaysia has a good number of celebrated “Women of Substance” in our society from all walks of life, regardless of race or religion. Their contributions to society is immeasurable from the economic, social, political & cultural perspective:

  1. Tan Sri Zeti Akhbar Aziz (7th Governor of Malaysia). Her financial genius, calm & firm-looking character has made strides international waters. One of her widely known award was in 2009, where she is rated as the World’s Best Bank Chief, among many others.
  2. The Late Yasmin Ahmad – A legend in the Malaysian film industry, very well known to have bridged cultural & religious differences among Malaysians through film. She is an inspiration to many – Not limited to Malaysia, and survives in the minds of many until today.
  3. Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, a human rights activist on women, children and HIV/AIDS. She is well known for her outspoken character in the topics that she discuss, over the mass print & social media platforms. Her writings and works have inspired thousands in subjects that she preach.

Let us all celebrate this momentous time in the present where we recognise women for their contribution, and fight for those who are denied this right & freedom.

#PledgeForParity #WomensRights #InternationalWomensDay2016

Happy International Women’s Day 2016!

My article on International Women’s Day Website:

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在Mon Space亚洲集团,我们一向提倡平等制度。我们秉持中国箴言的教诲,时刻紧记保持高度的诚信以及尊重众生,无论对方是同事、朋友、家人还是陌生人。

值得一提的是,Mon Space集团的领导团队总共有60%来自全亚洲的女性,例如中国、台湾、越南、香港、印尼以及韩国。

另外,Mon Space集团也加入了 #PledeForParity 的活动,旨在激励年轻员工之余,也藉此机会帮助个更多不幸的人。

例如,Mon Space曾通过一系列的慈善计划,例如透过财政援助,购买房子捐赠给吉打居林一间儿童之家( Batu Grace Orphanage)让孤儿居住,并提供他们一些生活援助。同时,也鼓励这些孩子,努力学习以专业人士并迈向更好的生活。


丹斯里洁蒂·阿兹Tan Sri Zeti Akhbar Aziz ):大马国家银行第七任行长,是经济学博士以及金融学专家,性格冷静以及稳重。目前是马来西亚国家银行的现任行长和亚洲金融研究所的现任主席,是马来西亚历史上在位第二久的央行行长,也是全亚洲历史上第一位担任央行行长的女性。她最广为人知的荣誉是于2009年被评为世界最佳银行首长。

雅丝敏·阿莫(Yasmin Ahmad):大马电影史上的传奇人物,以大马多元种族与文化为电影题材而闻名。虽然雅思敏已过世,但时至今日,她的电影依然拥有悠远的影响力,不仅引起大马人的共鸣,同时也启发了许多人。

玛丽娜·马哈迪(Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir):是一位活跃于女性、孩童以及艾滋病课题的人权人士。玛丽娜以直率的性格讨论她所关注的议题而享誉国际,而她的著作以及工作,激励了无数的人。



#PledgeForParity #WomensRights #InternationalWomensDay2016

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