DeFi,Decentralized Finance

DeFi, also known as Decentralized Finance.

The reason why DeFi is popular is because it uses blockchain to overcome natural shortcomings of the traditional financial system, including centralized institutions control, an unequal financial system, cumbersome review processes, lack of transparency, and potential transaction risks (the risk of failure to perform contractual obligations) and more.
The characteristics of DeFi:

1. Based on blockchain technology
2. Assets are controlled by individuals
3. Clearing and settlement are completed in real time through smart contracts.
4. Reducing the need for trust capital between parties.

DeFi 全称去中心化金融(Decentralized Finance),DeFi 使用分布式账本技术,包括区块链、加密货币、智能合约,来提供贷款、融资、稳定币和信贷安排等服务。

DeFi 的特性: