Embracing Economic Globalisation, Adapting And Moving Forward

Yesterday, I attended the launch of Malaysia’s Digital Free Trade Zone. A joint effort by the Alibaba Group and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), it is the first of its kind outside of China, and will help many SMEs and youths leverage the digital platform.

I am excited for the collaboration, as it will surely bring a breath of fresh air to Malaysia’s economy. Jack Ma is a world renowned entrepreneur, and his story has inspired many people across the world, including me. His digital business model inspired me to start an e-commerce business as the flagship of MONSPACE. Two years later, e-commerce shows no sign of weakening. Instead, the market is ever expanding, and I am sure this is the right way forward.

Yesterday, Jack Ma also launched the Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP) which he has been advocating for in recent years. This is not the first time I’ve heard of this concept, but I am pleasantly surprised that Malaysia embraced such an edgy business model. The eWTP pushes for a truly global collaboration between businesses. If you are an entrepreneur, you’d only need a mobile phone to connect your business to the world. As a consumer, you’d be able to shop for anything across the world, just by tapping on your phone as well. The eWTP is also written into the official reports of the G20. It is welcomed by the global community, and received high praises by the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

The world is jumping on board the eWTP. It is a trend that is inevitable, despite what happens to our economy and the uncertainties that we might have to go through. There is no denying that globalisation is here, and we need to evolve with it.

While globalisation is not palatable for everyone, I firmly believe that all changes needs to be inspected and treated as an opportunity, not a disaster. That helps us move with the current of times and not be left behind.

MONSPACE has set its eyes on going global ever since it was founded. Of course, we’ve had people doubt us, but I believed in us. As it turns out, my decision was right. Now MONSPACE MALL has tens of thousands of members around the world, and our revenue is increasing year on year.

Last year, MONSPACE pushed even further to introduce MONSPACE MALL to the world. We have set foot in China and Hong Kong, and will further expand into European markets.

Globalisation is not just about trade, it is also about the exchange of thought and creativity. We can’t live in our cocoons anymore. We need to step out and listen to what the world has to offer, and reach inside to change, to metabolise and keep up with the trends. It’s one of the most profound experiences to see MONSPACE improving and innovating because of the global connections we have.

I also think that all entrepreneurs need have a healthy sense of paranoia, and to never be satisfied with the status quo. Staying true to yesterday’s business models will only stop you from moving forward in this world that is ever changing. You need to change, and be bold with it.

My beliefs have remained the same all these years. I think to be successful, one needs to have a vision for the future, a vision that goes global. A bold heart, and the courage to always embrace innovations. MONSPACE wants to go where no one else has, and jump on the train for globalisation!

Jack Ma believes that globalisation is still in its infancy stage, and the next 30 years will be key. Indeed, many challenges lie ahead, and we can’t wait to see where globalisation will take us.

Malaysia has joined the eroad, and we expect more countries to do so as well. I am excited to see the world being more integrated than ever, so that our youths can achieve bigger dreams, and the world can move forward as well.



昨天,马云在推介礼上推介了近年来他所产倡导的eWTP(Electronic World Trade Platform)商业理念,我非第一次听说他的理念,只是没想到大马很有远见的拥抱了马云的商业理念。eWTP为市场推动理念,多方参与的国际合作平台,此概念将会为全球带来便利性,若你是创业者,只要你有手机,你就能全球做生意,若你是消费者,只要点点手机就能买到全球商品,实施全球买全球卖的理念,马云的eWTP也正式写入G20的公报,被全球主要经济体的欢迎,WTO也表示赞赏eWTP经济概念。



MONSPACE处成立之际,放眼全球化,跨境商业为目标,曾经也遭人质疑,但我不畏惧,我相信全球化电子商务的趋势,而事实也证明,我当初的决定没错。如此,MONSPACE MALL拥有千万会员,营业额节节上升。

去年,MONSPACE集团更进一步的将商业方针制定为全球化跨境交易,我们开始走向全球,跨境向介绍MONSPACE MALL商品,将MONSPACE MALL商品推向全球。我们的商业脚步横跨大马,去到中国丶来到香港,未来更计划跨足欧美甚至全世界。






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