Good News Food Lovers! Top Chef in Asia Joins Mon Space.

Good News Food Lovers! Top Chef in Asia Joins Mon Space.


I love food, and my passion for food is well known among my friends. Every time I get the chance, I set out to look for good food with my friends and family all across Klang Valley.

I also love cooking. If my schedule is not too hectic, I try to invite my friends over, so I can cook up a meal for them.

The best part of all, is that I’m lucky enough to be able to turn my passion into my career. This year, Mon Space has launched several restaurants, each with its unique offerings and cooking style.

Working in the F&B industry is no easy task. The key to success is of course, the quality and taste of food. The magic behind that? Having a good cook.

Great chefs are the secret to having good dishes served in a restaurant. A chef’s creation and style will dictate the taste, quality, and uniqueness of every single dish.

Due to this, I have invited one of the best chefs in Malaysia, Peter Cheah, who’s also known as the “Asia’s God of Cookery”, to lead the kitchen in Fat Mama’s Steamboat and Moon Sing Restaurant.

Chef Chia has 22 years of culinary experience, and have won many awards. He has also been the depity executive head chef in Hilton Hotel. Truly, the man is a legend. Despite working in the industry for 22 years, his passion for cooking still runs high. He continuously seeks to cross new boundaries and satisfy his customers.

Chef Chia’s love for good food resonates with mine. After several meetings, I knew we will work well together. He seems to think the same way, since he accepted my invitation to join Mon Space.

True enough, chef Chia does not disappoint. When cooking for Fat Mama steamboat, he worked in sync with Maria Cordero, and created the authentic Hong Kong style soup base. He also led the team in cooking for 1000 people at the launch of Fat Mama Steamboat. Everyone who came were impressed with the food served.

Today, customers can’t say enough of good things about Fat Mama Steamboat!

Chef Chia also designed many dishes that are as good as the ones offered in expensive restaurants, but made affordable for the masses. Some of these dishes include Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, Sour and Spicy Crab, and Poon Choi are all popular dishes at Moon Sing Restaurant.

Chef Chia himself, of course, is more than pleased that he is able to create good food to feed the stomachs of many, and make his customers happy. We expect Fat Mama Steamboat and Moon Sing Restaurant to see great days ahead under his lead.

If you love good food, don’t miss out. Come and try out the two amazing restaurants!

美食爱好者有口福!亚洲厨神担任Mon Space餐饮主厨







因为这份认知,我诚意邀请了大马著名厨师,也有“亚洲厨神”之称的谢金祥(Peter Cheah)加入我的饮食业版图,担任Mon Space集团旗下的两家餐厅——Fat Mama Steamboat以及满星楼海鲜酒家的总厨。



谢主厨果然没让我失望,筹备Fat Mama Steamboat时,他就与同样热爱的美食的肥妈一拍即合,共同创造出大获好评的香港地道火锅汤底秘方!更叫我佩服的时,谢主厨率领一众厨师,Fat Mama Steamboat开幕办了一个千人宴,每一位参与盛宴的嘉宾们无不惊叹于谢主厨出色的厨艺。

许多光顾Fat Mama Steamboat后的顾客都都赞不绝口!



Fat Mama Steamboat和满星楼海鲜酒家在谢主厨的带领下,享誉餐饮界,许多老饕都对谢主厨的厨艺一致赞好!


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