Grand Opening of Monspace Stylish Channel and Launching of IMC

赖彩云 Jessy Lai Chai Yun-IMC Launching

Grand Opening of Monspace Stylish Channel and Launching of IMC

As a tropical country, Malaysia experiences scorching sunlight and warm tempatures all year round. Anyone who stays outdoor without applying sunscreen quickly turns dark. On top of that, Malaysian women are obsessed with being fair, as seen in the mass consumption of whitening products. These two factors compounded means that demand for skin whitening services are constantly increasing in the local market.

Based on this insight, Mon Space imported the IMC Lab White from Korea. We expect it to satisfy the snow-white dreams of many Malaysian women.
Mon Space held a launch event for the IMC Lab White at The Earth, Bukit Jalil. This is the officiation of Monspace Stylist Channel, and many celebrities were invited.

This machine is designed to help women who wants to have fairer skin. Using whitening-light technology, the machine is able to suppress formation of melanin and whiten the user’s complexion. It is no doubt an exciting technology that many would love to try.

Mon Space has outlined a comprehensive strategy to popularise the IMC Lab White throughout Malaysia. Under our leadership, we also hope to see IMC Lab White being celebrated on an international platform.

Mon Space also hopes to collaborate with IMC in future, bringing in the latest technology in the beauty industry, so more women can feel beautiful and confident. We have also invited local artist Jasmine Kho as our spokesperson for the IMC Lab White.

Many celebrities were present at the launch event, including supermodel Amber Chia.

Mon Space集团举办IMC晒白机开幕仪式剪彩


Mon Space集团洞察大马的美容市场的前景,瞄准了大马女性对于“美白”的需求,领先引起了又德国制造、韩国最新美白科技——IMC首创产品晒白机,誓言造福大马每一位爱漂亮的女性!

Mon Space集团日前于武吉加里尔(The [email protected] Jalil)举办了一个盛大的IMC晒白机开幕仪式剪彩,正式启动 Mon Space Stylist Channel,广邀大马娱乐圈知名艺人与名人前来共襄盛举。


对于那些觉得自己皮肤暗沉或向让肌肤更亮白的女性朋友而言,Mon Space将最新技术的晒白机引进大马市场,无疑是最令人振奋的福音!

更重要的是,在Mon Space集团的一系列的策略与影响之下,IMC美容集团的晒白机势必会红遍整个大马,能让更多人见证晒白机强大的美白功效,而在Mon Space集团的带领下,IMC集团会更加速走向国际化!

与此同时,Mon Space集团也希望通过与IMC美容集团的合作,能刺激本地的美容市场,为美容市场带来新技术与交流,带动本地美容业,让更多女性受惠,让女性变得更自信、更美丽!

另外,Mon Space集团也邀请了大马艺人高千棱(Jasmine Kho)为IMC美容晒白机代言人。

当天许多本地艺人齐齐出席这场又Mon Space集团举办的开幕剪彩仪式,包括大马著名艺人甘家旗、大马名模Amber Chia等。

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