Happy International Women’s Day!

Compared to the past, modern women are much more empowered, and our lives are much easier. Today, we are boldly stepping up and taking important roles, running the world alongside men.

Be it career women, single ladies, or full time moms—we are all working hard fulfilling our roles, taking care of both career and family. As modern women, we value respect, confidence, independence, and empowerment; we push for progress not just in our family, but also society.

While we have come a long way, there is still much more to be done. Women, we need to let the world hear our voice, care about women’s issues, and march towards gender equality.

I’d like to wish all women in the world a happy International Women’s Day!


无论是职业妇女、未婚女性还是全职妈妈,我们都默默的在各自的岗位上努力着,兼顾家庭,成就事业,发挥女性兼容的个性。作为新时代的女性,我们更坚持“自尊、自信、自立、自强”的精神, 努力推动家庭与社会的进程。