Happy mid-autumn celebration!中秋节快乐!

The mid-autumn festival is one of the most important celebrations among the Chinese community. It symbolises reunion, just as the moon is especially bright and full on the day, lighting the way for travellers to go home to their loved ones.

As a child, I loved the mid-autumn festival because that’s when I got to play with candles and lanterns with other kids in the neighbourhood. We had little back then, so these items were rare toys that we could only enjoy once a year. Now, it has become one of my sweetest memories.

I also recall how the kids used to gather every night leading up to the mid-autumn festival, lighting candles and lanterns after dinner in anticipation of the full moon.

On the day itself, my mum would set up a big table in the yard. She would serve Chinese tea, mooncakes, chestnuts, pomelo, and other snacks. The adults would gather around the table, chatting away happily over tea, while the kids would be off running and playing with lanterns.

I remember that small, yellow candle box with about a dozen candles in it. I used to treasure each one like they’re worth the world, carefully lighting them, dripping hot wax onto the floor, and quickly sticking the candle in place. Such simple actions, yet they never failed to entertain me.

It was these lighted candles and laughter of my neighbour’s children that I grew up among. After I’ve started working and dating, however, the realities of life seemed to have diluted the importance of the mid-autumn festival. Sending gifts and well wishes have become a chore, a routine that is expected out of sheer courtesy. How many of us remember the meaning behind the festive?

I’ve long passed the age of trying new things for the sake of it. I’ve experienced a lot, and given up a lot in pursuit of my dreams. It wasn’t until one fine afternoon when I heard a song about the moon on radio, that I’m reminded of the mid-autumn festival. Right then and there, I decided to spend time with my friends and family this season, no matter how busy I may be.

If you can’t afford to go home, do call your parents and send them your warm wishes. Treasure the time with your loved ones; who knows, it might be just what you need to feel happy and at peace again, amidst the hectic lives we live.

And that, my friends, is what the festival is all about.

Happy mid-autumn celebration!














如果有什么值得开心的话,那就是平安。如果有什么值得庆幸的话,那就是团圆。提前祝大家中秋节快乐~#midautumnfestival #monspace #monspacemalaysia #msmediaentertainment

Posted by MS Media Entertainment on 2hb Oktober 2017