Happy Mother’s Day

My mother is like many other mothers: a thoughtful and capable housewife, who’s always busy taking care of the family. Like many mums, she puts the wellbeing of her husband and children ahead of herself. So much that she often neglects her own health.

It’s probably because of her that I attained a love for cooking myself. In fact, every cooking session reminds me of the time spent with mum.

Ever so heart-warming. Ever so calming.

Thirty years have passed us by. I have grown up, and mum has grown old.

After becoming a mum, I finally understood how it feels like to be a parent. The constant worry, concern and plans you have for your children. I guess it’s something all parents relate to.

Similarly, my heart is burdened every time I see my mum growing old. How I hope to halt her ageing, so I could spend time with her just as how she did with me.

Happy Mother’s Day, mum. I wish you good health.

A Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there too!