Hong Kong Culinary Legend Tries Malaysian Cuisine with Malaysians at Monspace Restaurant

On 3 June (Sunday), Monspace held food-tasting events at Fatmama Steamboat and Monspace Seafood Culinary, at 5.30pm and 7.30pm respectively.
This event saw the attendance of Monspace’s VIPs, Hong Kong culinary legend Hugo Leung Man To and famed actress Crystal Lee, who joined in the feast with everyone.
Since 2014, Monspace has been investing in a Malaysian culinary town. The company created a culinary street in Bukit Jalil, which offers Asian cuisines, Western cuisines, dessert shops and cafes. In the past 4 years, the street has become one of Kuala Lumpur’s hottest dining destinations.
“Malaysia is a food heaven! We are multicultural, multiracial, and multi-religion. This unique combination has become one of our main tourist attractions.
“Since the start of our culinary street, we have been launching a variety of dining options for visitors. The place has also become a hot spot for tourists in search of good local cuisines,” said Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai, founder of Monspace.
Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai believes that food brings people together. That’s why every year Monspace hosts a great feast for everyone to participate in.
“We’ve once hosted a charity hotpot feast, helmed by renowned chef Peter Cheah. The food served was absolutely delicious, and the feast was even listed on the Malaysia Book of Records!”
Lai also said: “We’ve also had a poon choi feast on the 7th day of Chinese New Year. It was open to the public, and was also an avenue to introduce the rich history behind Chinese culture. Many people went home with a new understanding of the traditional Chinese dish poon choi.”
In 2018, Monspace is having another mega feast, and we’re inviting everyone!
This time, we have invited Hong Kong culinary legend Hugo Leung to join us. Actress Crystal Lee is also invited to the feast.
Hugo Leung is a renowned Hong Kong chef, currently working at the city’s famed Tai Wing Wah Restaurant. He is also a gold medallist of France’s Le Cordon Bleu institute, Honorary Chairperson of a France’s famed chef association, Honorary Chairperson of the World Chinese Association of Healthy Eating, and one of TVB’s most popular chef hosts of all time.
To welcome Hugo Leung, Monspace Seafood Culinary prepared six carefully curated dishes: the Sultan’s Inauguration, Journey to the West, Abalone Fantasy, Smoked Phoenix, Starlit, and To’s Fruit Platter.
“Leung is the people’s chef. He believes in good food at reasonable prices, and is not stuck up about using expensive materials. To him, only food that can be enjoyed by the mass is considered good food. That’s what we have prepared for him. We want Leung to enjoy the true essence and beauty of Malaysian food,” said Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai.
After the feast, Hugo Leung expressed that he was impressed by the dishes, and praised the culinary expertise showcased by the chef. He also expressed fondness for Malaysian dishes, while other attendants thoroughly enjoyed the gastronomic experience.
“The feast was a success! We will continue hosting events like this to promote local cuisines. When Malaysian cuisines gets a place on the world stage, that’s when we bring people closer together,” said Lai.