How does DeFi work?

DeFi 是如何运行?
用户可通过这种抵押品,以稳定币的形式获得贷款。 稳定币是一种加密数字货币,其价值与美元等世界货币挂钩。
How does DeFi work?
DeFi uses the blockchain’s programmable digital asset technology. These assets have monetary value, mainly because of their ability to store value. Since these assets are programmable, we can lock them in a smart contract as collateral (similar to a house mortgage).
Users can obtain loans in the form of stablecoin using this collateral. Stablecoin is a digital token, its value is linked to world currencies such as the USD.
We can exchange these stablecoin for other digital assets. Users can also directly access the code anytime and anywhere without the need for an intermediary company. This is groundbreaking change.