How to Improve Your Networking Skills 经营好人际交往的5大秘诀

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Effective networking is a skill that will make a huge difference for your business. However, the art of talking to strangers and making quick connections may be very difficult and scary for some people.

I have been trying to perfect the skill of networking for over a decade now, and I was lucky enough to get plenty of guidance along the way. Today I feel obliged to share some of these wisdom with you, and hopefully you find them useful!

1. Familiarise yourself with the speakers and attendees.
If you are attending an important event and you want to make connections, make sure to do your research! You could Google the speakers and attendees, look on LinkedIn, research their website, get familiar with people you might meet. Know a little about what they do, the business they run or a new idea that they are promoting. With that knowledge you can build rapport instantly by showing them you are interested in what they do. You can also pre-plan icebreakers, and avoid awkward silent situations while trying to make a conversation with them. The preparation process will also put your mind at ease, and make you feel less nervous.

2. Talk to the other nervous person in the room.
You arrive at the event. You are still feeling nervous, or don’t know how to start making conversations. What do you do? Chances are there’s someone just as nervous as you are at the venue! If you see anyone standing alone or noticeably nervous, approach them, give them a warm smile and say hi. It is a great way to start the night as you will feel less pressure, because that person is just as nervous as you are. Besides, he or she would feel very grateful and happy that someone took the first step to talk to them. There’s nothing more comforting than a big smile and a friendly hello. Instantly, you have made one new connection.

3. Prepare your story
Now here is the most important part of networking—selling yourself. First impression matters, and you want to make sure that you immediately capture the attention of the person you are talking to. Years ago, I came across the term “the elevator pitch”. It means how you would tell your story if you have a very limited time to impress someone (i.e. in an elevator). Important people are often very busy and wouldn’t want to spend much time listening to a story that does not impress. The key here is to grab their attention in 30 seconds (some might argue 10). It sounds difficult, but if you have prepared for it, its easy. Here is a simple guide to tell your story: the problem you are solving + your solution + some statistic or story about your achievement. That’s it! The goal is to get them interested and want to continue the conversation with you.

4. Ask the five W’s.
When you run out of things to say, or do not know what to talk about, remember that the simple way is often the best way. Ask the five W’s: who, what, where, when, why. People find it easy to talk about themselves when asked those simple questions. It puts the focus back on them and gives you a really easy starting point for creating conversation. Make sure to show interest in their story, listen attentively and respond warmly. Everyone appreciates a good listener.

5. Focus on what you can do for others.
One of the biggest networking mistake people commonly commit is that they are too self-centred, and their interaction shows that they are only seeking to benefit themselves. No one finds this approach appealing. To really connect and build a relationship, you want to project yourself as a person who can be of value to others. Be sincere, and put aside the question of “how much money can I make out of this person”. Ask instead “how can I be a friend to this person”, or “how can I be of value to them”. You will be surprised at how much more people will enjoy your company, and how much more meaningful connections you can make.

What are some common problems you face when networking? What strategies do you use to build rapport with people? I would love to hear from you. Comment on my blog or Facebook page to connect with me!

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在商场上什么是“成功”的关键,是知识? 技能? 还是人际关系?

根据人际沟通大师卡内因(Dale Carnegie)的著作《卡内因沟通与人际关系》中的一项调查显示,高达85%的人认为个性与领导能力才是成功的决定性关键。

















而少说话多倾听也是建立良好第一印象的关键点,必须保持“KISS原则”(Keep it short and simple),滔滔不绝的谈论自己的人,不管在任何场合都不受欢迎,所以必须拿捏尊重对方与倾听。





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