How much do you know about 5G

The 5G world is here. How much do you know about 5G? As a 21st century enterprise, it is required of us to understand the world’s technology!

In the era of 5G, new technology such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, bio technology and virtual reality will all undergo huge changes. It will affect industries including manufacturing, finance, transportation, retail, medicine, service, entertainment, and fast moving consumer goods. If you still don’t know what 5G is, it’s time to start learning!

5G世界已经来临,对于5G你的了解有多少?作为21世纪的企业,掌握世界新科技是必要的任务! 在5G的时代,云计算、大数据、人工智能、生物科技、虚拟现实等令人眩目的新科技都会有着巨大的改变。它甚至会影响跨产业、跨领域,金融、运输、零售、医疗、服务、娱乐,衣食住行等日常。若你还不了解何谓5G,这是一个最好的时机去了解这门新科技!