Monspace has turned 5 years old before we knew it!

不知不觉,满星云已经成立了五年,今年的周年庆主题定为‘精彩同行 壮志凌云’,主要是要传达满星云非常感激五年前五年后一路陪着我们蜕变的同仁、家人,满星云之所以能有如此精彩的五年,都是大家一起努力坚持的结果。满星云还有许多的五年,我们满怀宏图大志、我们意志高昂、壮志凌云,美好的未来等着我们去拥抱。


越来越多的商家以及用户认可MSD的价值,我们的索弗也即将上市,迈向全新的旅程。橙宝网,满星云诊疗所, 酒店业, 饮食业, 满星云信托, 运动医疗也越办越出色, 这种种的收获,都是满星云跃进的象征。




Monspace has turned 5 years old before we knew it! This year, our theme is “Hand in Hand, We Reach for the Clouds”. Our message here is all about gratitude for those who have journeyed and grown with us through the past 5 years.

Monspace has had an exciting journey because of your hard work. We have many more 5 years ahead of us. We are excited, ambitious, and eager to embrace the future that awaits!

Over the past 5 years, Monspace has kept our chins up and feet grounded, systematically expanding our operations. 2019 is a year of great harvest for us!

More and more merchants are recognising the value of MSD. SOFO is about to go public and start a brand new journey. Our CPMall, Medical Clinic, Hotels, F&B, MS Credit Union & Trust, Exercise Clinics are doing exceptionally well—all these are signs of how we are progressing by leaps and bounds.

Our 5th anniversary celebration has come to an end. Looking back on our journey, we know its perseverance and grit that got us to where we are today. This is also a reminder for us to stay focused, and continue to be steadfast in our beliefs. Only then would we be able to shine!

I thank everyone who has accompanied us on our journey. We invite you to continue walking with us, and let’s look forward to a better tomorrow. Thank you everyone!

Life Inspiring Life !