On your way to a great goal, set smaller targets that you can achieve

Marathon Runner Yamada Honiji shared that before every race, he’d go on a car and check out the running trail in detail. Then he takes note of eye-catching landmarks.
The first one may be a bank, second one a tree, third one a red house… until he finally reaches the finishing line.
Once the race starts, he runs towards the first landmark, and then the second. A journey of 42km is now split into several smaller goals, and Yamada easily finished all.
At first, he did not understand this principle, and set his goals only on the final finishing line. This way, he got tired after a mere 10km, and finishing the journey seemed like a daunting task. But once he split them into smaller goals, he easily finished the course. This was what he meant by wisdom.
This is a strategy I strongly believe in. It is not just for marathons; isn’t life very much like this as well?
On your way to a great goal, set smaller targets that you can achieve. Success, after all, is not achieved overnight.