Smart people can see opportunities when it appears.

When Jack Ma insisted on his dream, how many people had the vision to foresee the heights he has achieved today?

The reality was that most people were skeptical. When the whole world was telling Jack Ma to give up, he insisted that he was doing the right thing. And the truth speaks for itself—he was right to persist on. Jack Ma’s story told us that e-commerce is where we are all heading to.

Look at Yunji. Isn’t that also a great example?

Before Yunji was founded, its business model was under question. Today, Yunji has gained 1 billion yuan in VC investment and has successfully listed on Nasdaq.
And then there’s Pinduoduo. Amidst all the controversy surrounding it, Pinduoduo managed to be listed on the American stockmarket. Overnight, Huang’s personal assets soared to 9.9 billion U.S. dollars, surpassing Liu Qiangdong who has been toiling in the B2C e-commerce industry for a decade, to become the 16th richest billionaire in China.

Since the founding of Monspace, I have always known that challenges will become part and parcel of my life. What I have to face each day are setbacks instead of success. If we give up today so easily, then we would never see the sunshine the day after!

Smart people can see opportunities when it appears. No matter how many years more this will take, I am certain that one day, everyone would see Monspace succeed.