Started with nothing,step by step up till today

We started with nothing. Today, we have tens of millions of users globally—a user base that we painstakingly built, step by step up till today.

I’ve been through a lot in these past five years, and have grown a lot as a result. Those who worked alongside me are excellent people, and I am proud of almost everyone of us.

Monspace was founded on the basis of innovation, and thinking out of the box. I still believe in that up till today, and I’ve never thought of giving up.

Even when I was doubted by the world, hurled with scepticism and distrust, I persist regardless. Because I know very clearly what I want, and where I stand.

What comforts me is that most of those who persisted on walking with me, have seen the sweet fruits of their labour. They are all ordinary people, but persistence was what elevated them from the grassroots.