Stay At Home and Stay Active.

The Covid-19 virus is taking many lives, even as we speak. I honestly have never thought that it can go this far. This global pandemic is showing no sign of decline and is currently taking lives every day around the world, forcing countries to decide who gets to live and who to die. This virus cannot differentiate the lives that it wants to take. It doesn’t matter if it is an old person, young, tall, fat or skinny, the virus has a chance to kill everyone. The worse thing is that there isn’t a cure. I’d also like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our front-liners that are working day and night to keep us safe and treating the infected. This includes doctors, nurses, firemen, the chefs, the police, army and every other party involved in this time of crisis.

The best thing we can do for them now is to stay at home.

Even in times of this pandemic, non – communicable disease (NCD) is still taking lives. The difference is that, you actually have a choice to prevent non – communicable disease (NCD). Keeping yourself active is a choice you have. Not Covid-19. Its nasty. It takes the lives of the fit, the unfit, the old and the young, and basically everyone that walks the face of earth. The movement restriction has begun in my country, Malaysia since the 18th of March and has now extended to the 14th of April. This is unfortunate but necessary circumstance has made everyone feeling worried, restless and stressed. This will definitely degrade many physically, for now the majority are not required to go to work which in turn will result in lesser movement throughout the day. We do not know what will result from these conditions, but I am sure that many will resort to food binging. Some have tried exercising at home, some have not. There are also those that will complain about the lack of equipment, the desire to exercise outdoors and countless other excuses. This will eventually lead on to a solid month of inactivity.

What is my concern? My concern is that by the end of the movement restriction, there will be a rising trend of global deaths from non – communicable disease (NCD). Should we be afraid of this? Well I am sure majority will say that they are not worried at all. In the end, it still causes deaths, so why not take action?

Nevertheless, I hope everyone will adhere to the movement restriction and stay home, stay safe and stay active. Try doing a simple exercise routine 15 to 20 minutes of exercise at home, be it by doing jumping jacks or push-ups. Use the resources of the internet and ‘Google’ activities that you can do at home such as aerobics (low impact for those who have not tried aerobics before), stretching, yoga or even calisthenics. Any activity will do, as long as you keep yourself active and stay at home. Just remember that the deaths caused by non – communicable disease (NCD) can be controlled and prevented, as long as you, the reader, start taking action.

Here’s a short video produced by our college students at the Asia College of Exercise & Sports Medicine showing a few exercise routines that you can follow and do at home.

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