Is the Kitchen Dead?

UBS Group AG conducted a research last year titled “Is the Kitchen Dead?”, revealing a massive challenge shared by physical eateries. “Virtual restaurants” and “dark restaurants” have completely upset the industry. Virtual restaurants are regular F&B outlets that also provide food delivery, while “dark kitchens” have become a hot topic recently. Puponfai, for example, is a popular Thai seafood restaurant with no physical outlet, and focuses only on food delivery. The rise of these two types of businesses is a response to modern society’s reliance on the internet to make life easier. This again tells us that companies that want to survive need to be aware of their consumers’ needs and seize the right opportunities at the right time.

瑞银集团(UBS Group AG)曾在去年做了一份调查,提问“厨房难道已死”,揭露了实体餐厅面临了极大的挑战。”虚拟餐厅“与”幽灵厨房”外卖服务已经颠覆了餐饮业的形态。虚拟餐厅指的是餐厅另外架设外送APP做外卖服务,而”幽灵厨房”更是最近的热点话题,例如泰国爆红的海鲜外送店Puponfai就是一间没有实体店面只有厨房煮食,专做外卖服务的”幽灵餐厅“,而这两种餐厅的崛起,与现代人依赖网路发达的便利性有密切关系,这也意味着,企业要生存关键点就是要精准的掌握时代趋势与客户心态!