Jessy Lai awarded Excellent Chinese Contribution from IAC

After attending the cheque handover ceremony hosted by Regeneration Society yesterday, I didn’t return to Malaysia. That’s because I have a meeting today with Ms. Liu, chairperson of The Investment Association of China (IAC).

Last year, I was appointed as chairperson of the Foreign Investments Committee of the IAC. This year, they once again honoured me with the Excellent Chinese Contribution Award, in recognition of my efforts in the IAC. I am very thankful for this honour.

Today is also the last day of Chinese New Year, and the Spring Lantern Festival. It is apt that Ms. Liu and I will be meeting at a Chinese restaurant and enjoying “Poon Choi”, a traditional Chinese festive dish.

At the dinner, we discussed about future collaborations, and followed up with casual chats about life. It was a wonderful meeting. I am deeply grateful to have met Ms. Liu at this meeting. It makes me feel at home in a foreign country!