Jessy Lai in London to meet with MSD technical team

I’m in London again!

Recently, I have been traveled back and forth London often to have meetings with our technical team who is working hard on MSD. The company has very high requirements for the coding standards, software quality and security for MSD, as we want to ensure it is launched and operate smoothly.

Also, we have another important agenda of this London trip, that’s to complete the business and legal preparations of setting up Monspace London.

Our schedule has been hectic, packed with meetings. Fortunately, most of our task have been completed. We’re heading back soon, and then we have to dive right into the preparation of Monspace’s 3rd Anniversary.

While our days have been busy, they are also very meaningful. I wish to maintain my energy levels and a positive attitude while leading the team forward. I invite all of you to join me on this journey too. Life Inspiring Life !



此外,本次伦敦商务游的另一个重要事项为Monspace London架设总部一事与英国的律师团进行深入讨论,商讨MS London企业架构等等事项。