Jessy Lai meet with the MSD technical team to discuss improvements on MSD’s platform

The first business trip of 2018 and I’m back in England again!

It almost feels like this is my second home now, and I have already scouted all the good food near Monspace England’s headquarters! Food-hunting with the team is one of my favourite past time whenever I’m here.

This time, the team and I are here to meet with the MSD technical team to discuss improvements on MSD’s platform.

Since its launch on 1 October, users have been giving positive feedback on MSD. The cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular on the market, but we are not satisfied. The plan is to create and improve the ecosystem that MSD can bring —to achieve that, we need to make it even better in every aspect.

As you already know, cryptocurrencies are the most talked-about digital currency right now. Financial experts are fixated on its future development, more countries are accepting it as a mode of transaction, and markets are increasingly receptive of their use.

This is a very hectic 3 days trip, we will be back in Malaysia tomorrow! Though each visit to England is short-lived and tiring, it is all worth it when I see my dreams slowly coming together. What great joy that brings!