Jessy Lai together with Hong Kong actress Michelle visit and donate to Rohingya refugee

Recently, Hong Kong celebrity Michelle Yim and I visited the Rohingya refugee camp in Selayang and donated some necessities, which will hopefully alleviate the sufferings of the refugees.

The Rohingyas are some of the most persecuted people in the world. Most of them fled from Myanmar to slums and refugee camps in Bangladesh, via a trail along the borders of Thailand and Myanmar. Many of them also fled to Malaysia and Indonesia by sea.

Since the beginning of 2015, thousands of Rohingyas started moving away from Myanmar and Bangladesh. They are called “boat people” by the international media, because many used small, worn-out boats to travel across the treacherous Melaka Straits to Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

But even when they manage to flee the conflict zone of Myanmar, their lives in refugee camps are still bleak, with bad sanitation, low food and water supplies, and very little hope for improvement in their lives.

This February, I have donated on behalf of MONSPACE, a mobile clinic to St. John Ambulance Malaysia, so they can better offer medical assistance to the Rohingyas.

Months later, the team and I, plus Michelle visited the refugee camps again. It was crowded to the brim. Besides donating food and daily necessities, we also hosted a small tea party, offering much-needed moments of happiness to people at the camp.

The children were happy, playful, and sang loudly together, while the adults were glad to have a short moment of relief. I guess that’s the most rewarding part of charity—to see people who have suffered put on a smile, and letting them know that all hope is not lost.

Since its founding, MONSPACE has helped many underprivileged groups, including women, children, the old, and even refugees. These acts were not motivated by religion, but rather a simple belief that humanity deserves better. We need to help those who are in need, and my hope is that those who have received help gets a chance to get back on track, rebuild their lives, and live happily again. I want them to know that there is hope and love in the world, so they shouldn’t give up just yet.

It is our commitment to keep giving, and to keep showing love to those in need of it. We want everyone to live in a world that cares, and inspire others to care as well.
[12:02 PM, 10/14/2017] Deborah: