Jessy Lai’s Charity Honeymoon Trip ——Sabah

On 1 April 2018, Monspace Multinational Corp CEO Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai held the #GreatestHappiness wedding and officially announcing her marriage to the company. An oath was made, that she would stick with the company through thick or thin, till the very end. She has also promised to continue the motto of “life inspiring life”, to help the needy and build a caring society. throughout her “Charity Honeymoon Trip”.

The first stop in this trip is Kg. Pugi, an isolated village in Sabah. This stop features the “BringALight” a project by the Collective KL. It entails installing solar-powered lights, and offering medical services for the villagers.

Kg. Pugi is located at a very isolated area, far away from the city. Facilities in the village is severely lacking, with no reliable supply of water and electricity, much less internet. This is a place that direly needs developmental help.

The houses in the village sit on top of the highland, making it hard to move around. There is also no electricity, which means it’s hard for villagers to do anything at night.

The biggest mission on this trip is to install the solar-powered lights. The far-off location of this village also means it’s hard for residents to seek medical help. It is also our mission to alleviate their health issues.

The team will spent 3 days in Kg. Pugi to commence the work and make sure that they can bring light and medical aid to every household in the village.

The installation process is going on right now, and some houses already have solar-powered lights and finally, lights can be seen at night in this place.

Jessy Lai’s Charity Honeymoon is honoured to work with Collective KL on the “BringALight” project, to send warmth and light to every household who needs it. Life Inspiring Life.

2018年4月1日,满星云集团创办人兼执行长拿督斯里赖彩云举办了一场盛大的婚礼,向各界宣布嫁给集团,许下了与公司风雨同路、不离不弃、永生相随的誓言。同时,也承诺将秉持“用生命影响生命”的理念,帮助更多社会上更多需要协助的人,致力于打造一个爱心社会, 也立刻展开《彩云蜜月慈善之旅》。

慈善之旅的首站,就参与了Collective KL的#BringALight计划,来到沙巴州的一个偏远村落Kg.Pugi,为村民安装太阳能电灯以及提供村民健康义诊服务。




Collective KL团队在Kg.Pugi驻守3天以协助建设计划,希望在期限内,为每家每户安装太阳能电灯以及提供村民义诊服务。


《彩云蜜月慈善之旅》很荣幸能参与 Collective KL的”BringALight”计划,将温暖的电灯送进每一个需要帮助的人的家中,用生命影响生命。