“Jessy’s Musical” Concludes On A High Note

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who worked on Jessy’s Musical, on stage and backstage. Words can’t express how grateful I am for this marvelous and moving performance.
On the last show, I’m honoured to have celebrities and also my close friends from Hong Kong, Michelle Yim and Maria Cordero present. Nothing quite beats watching them laugh and cry, and finally telling me how much the show moved them. It even reminded them of their own struggles when they started out. My heart swells with happiness and gratitude—after all, isn’t this what all performances seek? To move people.
Looking back and reflecting on how far I’ve come, I’m glad I held on tight to my dream, and persisted to this day.
While watching the performance, it was as if I jumped on a time machine and visited myself 30 years ago. I was a young and awkward youth, just starting out. I was fearless and didn’t know much, but I devoured every learning experience I had. All I dreamed of, was to be successful in the business world one day.
This journey was not an easy one. I’ve lost count of the obstacles and challenges I had to overcome, and I’ve thought of quitting. I’m glad I didn’t. I met the person who would mentor me and teach me everything I know now; be it knowledge, wisdom, eloquence, and attitude. With those lessons I braved through the years, and three decades later I can proudly say I’ve remained calm and collected no matter what comes my way.
I also want to thank the team who built Monspace with me. You have always trusted my decisions with everything you have. You had zero reservations when I needed support, and nurtured my dreams when I go through draughts. Without you, there is no Monspace. Of course, this extends to all our members around the world. We may look, act, think, and speak different, but we are family. We all work hard for our dreams and the life we want. That, I think, is what truly bonds us together.
While I was busy building my career in the past 30 years, flying all over the world and toiling late nights ever so often, I’ve neglected many who are close to me and love me. I do feel bad towards my family and friends. As I grow older, I know what is lost can never be retrieved, and if I don’t start appreciating what I have now, life may just past me by.
As the curtains drop on the last show, I’ve decided to spend more time with my loved ones. I would tell them I love them and how much I appreciate their unconditional support for my dreams, even when I stumble.
Indeed, this show gives me feelings of all kinds as I think of all that has happened in the last 30 years. It is not only my biography, but a piece of work that I truly hoped would propel the career of deserving actors and directors. Hopefully, they’ll get more of such opportunities in future.
While the city is sound asleep right now, I’m still penning down my thoughts. The show has been over for hours, yet waves of emotions are still washing over me. There are too many people to thank, and I can’t possibly list them all. Rest assured though, that your name is etched onto my heart. Thank you. My life is beautiful because of you.
I’ve tried but it seems words still fail to communicate how grateful I am for everything. Life is wonderful, and I only wish I can hold your hands to create more of such brilliant, beautiful moments together. Life Inspiring Life.
过去三十年,我为理想拼搏,生活非常忙碌,频密出国丶全马跑透透丶工作到三更半夜已是家常便饭的事,老实说,在很大的程度上,我忽略了身边许多我爱和爱我的人,包括我的家人和朋友,我很愧疚。年纪渐长,我深刻的明白到,生命永远不会有take two,在舞台剧落幕那一刹那,我决定日後会花更多的时间去关怀身边的人,及时说爱,及时爱人。谢谢我的家人朋友,总是包容我对事业的狂热,总是无条件的支持我去追梦,在我跌倒受伤时,总是在身後支撑着我,让我更有动力面对种种挑战。