JJCC is coming to Kuala Lumpur!

Dato Seri Jessy Lai & Jackie Chan Group Korea JJCC coming to Kuala Lumpur to Audition with Mon Space Restaurants and Cafe opening 19th April 2016
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JJCC: The K-Pop Superstars

Rejoice, JJCC fans! JJCC is coming over to KL for a few days to help Mon Space Group Asia officiate the launch of our 5 brand new restaurants & conduct a closed-door audition for the next K-Pop superstar! The hip-hop boy band JJCC is formed by the famed Chinese actor, producer, comedian, kungfu master and a thousand more hats – Jackie Chan.

About JJCC

He and his group, Jackie Chan Group Korea, formed JJCC back in 2014 to promote a positive mix of Asian cultures through music and to popularise the K-Pop genre of music. Also dubbed “Double JC”, “Jackie Chan Joint Cultures” and so forth, JJCC is the kind of band that allow talents to join them regardless of nationality or ethnicity – Just like the famous “Prince Mak” who is an Australian-born Chinese.

And in conjunction with our 5 brand new restaurants opening at The Earth @ Bukit Jalil City on April 19th 2016, JJCC & entourage will be joining us at Mon Space Group Asia to help us officiate one of our biggest launch yet.

  • House Restaurant, Bar & Winepost – Western & Fusion Dining
  • Ong Lai Cafe – Porky Local Cuisine
  • Mon Space Bakery – Artisan Bread & Cafe
  • Fat Mama Steamboat – HK’s Famous Steamboat Recipes

This day will be one of our proudest moment in Mon Space’s F&B Group history, where The Earth @ Bukit Jalil City will be one of the epicentres for dining & entertainment in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

On the next day 20th April 2016, JJCC will be conducting a closed-door audition in one of the cafes that we’re launching. As they are preparing their itinerary for the day, we will be keeping you posted on this page and you can catch all the action when you visit us at Bukit Jalil on the 19th and 20th of April 2016.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column column_padding=”no-extra-padding” column_padding_position=”all” background_color_opacity=”1″ background_hover_color_opacity=”1″ width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]



JJCC将于4月19日来到武吉加里尔城市(The Earth, Bukit Jalil City),并在吉隆坡逗留数日,担任Mon Space集团旗下的5间全新的餐厅的开幕嘉宾以及进行一项闭门招募新成员的甄选活动。


JJCC是由国际巨星、演员以及功夫大师成龙(Jackie Chan)所打造的全新嘻哈男子组合,组合由EDDY(韩国)、 San Cheong(韩国) 、SimBa(韩国 队长)、 E.co(韩国)、麦亨利(Prince Mak)(澳大利亚华裔)五人组成。组合成员们均为二十岁出头的年龄,平均身高达180cm,外表俊美,并接受了符合自己个性与特技的训练。 JJCC是在成龙新理念下经过彻底的企划培养而诞生的组合,并于2014年3月20日在韩国出道,发表首支单曲《一开始都那样》。 2015年8月20日加入两名新成员,Zica和Yul。另外,JJCC也被称为“双Jc”意指“Jackie Chan Joint Culture “。

作为韩国最备受瞩目的新男子组合,JJCC向喜欢音乐的歌迷介绍了一个混合亚洲特色以及韩国流行音乐为综合元素的嘻哈团体。无论是什么种族以及国籍,只要有表演才华,JJCC都十分欢迎新血的加入,而身为澳洲籍华裔的Prince Mak本身就是最佳例子!

JJCC将会担任Mon Space集团五家餐厅的开幕嘉宾:

  • House Restaurant——酒吧、葡萄酒、西餐的混合式餐厅
  • Ong Lai Café ——本地猪肉美食餐厅
  • Mon Sapce Bakery——工匠面包以及咖啡
  • Fat Mama Steamboat——香港著名火锅料理

这一天会是Mon Space 的餐饮集团最骄傲的时刻,因为The Earth, Bukit Jalil City 将会成为吉隆坡首屈一指的餐饮以及娱乐休闲的最佳指标地,

4月20日,JJCC将会Mon Space旗下的其中一间咖啡厅进行闭门招募新成员的甄选活动。


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