Kind words are warmer than blankets

I believe everyone has heard of the phrase “the truth is hard to swallow”. You may be giving a piece of advice or opinion out of good intention, but you could still hurt someone with those words.

Ancient Chinese proverb tells us: “Kind words are warmer than blankets; Hurtful words pierce deeper than spears.”

The proverb tells us that someone who knows how to choose their words knows how to give advice in a helpful, caring way; and is willing to grow together with whoever they gave advice to.

Hurtful words, on the other hand, are weapons. Sometimes we may say things because we care, but those words could still be hurtful. Phrases like: “You are such a failure. You won’t make it…” have no vulgarity involved but hurt much more!

So learn how to speak well. If you’re not good at it, then why not be a listener instead!



而伤人的话,就如同刀枪,非常伤人,有些人自以为是的关心,却深深的刺伤了对方,例如“你活得很失败、你不会成功的啦… ”,这些话虽然不带脏字,但却比骂人更伤人!