Kita1Keluarga” charity dinner hosted by the Malaysian Tzu Chi Foundation

Yesterday I attended the “Kita1Keluarga” charity dinner hosted by the Malaysian Tzu Chi Foundation. This is a fundraising event for those affected by COVID-19, in order to alleviate their daily struggles. At the dinner, I met founder of Berjaya Group Tan Sri Vincent Tan, and Top Glove founder and Executive Chairman Lim Wee Chai. Both of them are my role models. Not only are they outstanding  entrepreneurs, they are also passionate about charity, embracing the spirit of giving back to their communities. I am deeply impressed by the contributions of these two to the greater good of society.

昨天我出席了一场由马来西亚慈济基金会所主办的 “Kita1Keluarga 守望相助”慈善晚宴,这是一项为受Covid-19疫情受影响的民众筹集善款,协助他们解决生活困境的活动。在宴会上,我很荣幸可以与成功集团创办人以及执行长丹斯里陈志远以及Top Glove顶级手套集团创办人兼执行主席丹斯里林伟才博士会面。二位都是我人生的榜样,他们不仅是出色的企业家,对慈善更是不遗余力,真正的做到了取之社会,回馈社会的精神,两位对于慈善的付出实在让我敬佩。