Living safe is a risk in of itself! 不冒险的人生就是一场风险!

赖彩云 Jessy Lai Chai Yun—take risk

Living safe is a risk in of itself!

We are, because we dream. Though the pursuit of our dreams might be a difficult one; perhaps danger lies ahead. Would you, despite knowing the risks and the challenges, choose to have an adventure anyway?

Life is full of risks, and crises love appearing when you least expect it.

Yet despite all of this, should you not take up challenges when they come your way? Should you not strive for a better life?

If you have faith in yourself, I believe that adventures shouldn’t be a risk to you. They are opportunities!

Young people should be brave. Adventures are a necessary part of life. Only when you dare to go on an adventure, can you develop the resistance to challenges, risks and bigger opportunities in life.

Every great person has gone through some kind of adventure. Some risk. In entrepreneurship, risks are necessary. They also help develop your business acumen and working muscles so you can face your challenges.

If parents are always paranoid and do not want their children to play near the sea or river, their children will never know the fun in it. In the West, many parents encourage their children to learn swimming since young. That is why so many kids go surfing and playing by the beach during summer. You would also realise that their kids are much more adventurous!

What I want to say is that risks can be managed. You can prepare yourself to accept challenges, and you also can choose to avoid unnecessary dangers.

For example, parents can ensure that their children are playing in safe waters, and watch closely while their children play.

As long as we manage the risks, calculate probabilities and prepare for unexpected situations, you do not have to fear.

The more your run away from risks, the more it accumulates to become a deadly crisis. When it hits you, you would have no idea what to do.

Therefore, it is important to start learning and start getting used to handling risks.

Without risks, nothing ground breaking and innovative will come out of our life. If you really want to leave a creative mark, go ahead and take risks!

What about those that avoid doing things so they don’t embarrass themselves? They will be left behind sooner or later. Without risk taking, there can be no growth.

Always remember: if you can take on more pain than others, you will gain more as well.















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