May Your Career Make You Shine!

Today, I’m sharing a good book I found recently, titled “May Your Career Make You Shine”. Here’s an excerpt:

“Work is just a small part of your life. Besides success in your career, there are other precious things such as love, friendship, family, health, art, travel, knowledge and all kinds of passion worth pursuing.

Having a good job should not only satisfy you emotionally, but also support you financially to pursue those things, to explore the endless limits of life. When you believe in that, career decisions become simple.

In every job, we are in contact with “people”. Your career is your personal performance, your way to connect with society, and your way to help others.

Just remember, before you help others, first add value to yourself. And never forget what first motivated you to be where you are today.





只是在要“利他”前,得先学习让自己变得强壮有价值,还要能不忘初衷。 ”