Miss Malaysia Tourism 2016 Finalists Visit Mon Space Group 2016年大马旅游小姐参赛佳丽到访Mon Space集团

赖彩云 Jessy Lai Chai Yun—beauty

Miss Malaysia Tourism 2016 Finalists Visit Mon Space Group

Malaysia is a fascinating country. We have rich natural resources, amazing food, a charming cultural diversity and a land full of kind-hearted, welcoming people.

Though there are many things that can put a country into international limelight, and one of these is definitely tourism.

For many years, Malaysia has worked hard to promote its tourism industry. Every year, we have the Cuti-cuti Malaysia campaign, aimed to promote our rich culture and great attractions to travellers.

Mon Space has always been attentive to tourism in Malaysia, and we have been supportive of the government’s intentions to promote the industry. Throughout the years, we have organised many activities to help promote tourism. Most recently, we sponsored the Miss Tourism Malaysia 2016 contest.

The contest is a meaningful one. The purpose of it is to choose the most beautiful, appraochable participant to represent Malaysia on an international platform. She will also be the person to introduce Malaysia to the world.
As the sponsor of the event, we invited all the contestants to visit Mon Space Group for a lunch get together.

All twelve contestants were friendly, approachable and intelligent. The conversations we had were nothing short of amazing. Lastly, the girls dined in the restaurants owned by Mon Space, and were all impressed with the food.

I’ve always loved Malaysian women. We love our careers. We dress well. We are confident and intelligent. We are charming. All of these qualities that make us the modern woman are all seen in the 12 contestants, and I can’t feel prouder. I am sure that they will do a great job in promoting Malaysia to the world.

2016年大马旅游小姐参赛佳丽到访Mon Space集团



多年以来,大马政府激极力发展大马旅游业,每年都举办”大马旅游年“(Cuti-cuti Malaysia),向外国人展示大马的文化特色以及风土人情。

Mon Space集团向来十分注重大马旅游业这一块,也非常支持以及配合大马政府推行的旅游活动。而Mon Space集团本身长期以来亦不辞劳苦的策划了许多大大小小的活动,旨在刺激大马旅游业,而最近一次的活动就是赞助“2016大马旅游小姐竞赛”。


这一次,作为“2016年旅游小姐竞赛”的赞助商之一,我们也邀请了佳丽们前来拜访Mon Space集团,与我们进行一个轻松自在的午餐聚会。

当天十二位各具特色的佳丽前来Mon Space集团,她们全程笑容满档、亲切友善,十分符合旅游小姐的特色,在与我们谈话时,也是用心聆听、耐心十足。

随后佳丽们也在Mon Space集团旗下的几家美食餐厅用餐,她们都对集团旗下的餐厅的美食感到惊艳!


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