Mon Space and Royal Medic Partnership Hong Kong Press Conference

Mon Space and Royal Medic Partnership Hong Kong Press Conference

Mon Space Multinational Corp and renowned Hong Kong traditional Chinese medicine and health supplements retailer Royal Medic is collaborating for the first time to promote the sales of health supplements. It was held on 5 December 2016 (Monday) at The Langham Hong Kong.

Royal Medic is a retailer of traditional Chinese medicine and health supplements. The brand has a long-established reputation of trustworthiness and quality. Through cutting edge technology and constant innovation, the brand has harnessed the goodness of traditional Chinese medicine, creating a professional and reliable image.

Mon Space Multinational Corp first started as an e-commerce platform, founding Monspace Mall in 2014. The mall is an online shopping platform offering a range of consumer-driven products ranging from household items to real estate property.

CEO of Mon Space Multinational Corp, Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai pointed out that food safety is becoming one of the most important issues in today’s world. Consumers are becoming more aware and demanding of the quality and health of the food they consume, as opposed to blindly seeking for bargains.

“Monspace Mall has always been vigilant about food safety. Noticing the global trend for health and wellness, we have decided to seize the opportunity to work with Royal Medic. The most popular items on Royal Medic – American Ginseng and abalones, will officially be sold on Monspace Mall.”

Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai also stated that the collaboration with Royal Medic is not only an important milestone for the group. It is also a vital step in the group’s plan to penetrate the Hong Kong market.

“Mon Space Multinational Corp is excited to enter a friendly partnership with Royal Medic. We look forward to exploring topics such as quality control, technological innovations and consumer markets,” said Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai.

She also hopes that this partnership will further grow Monspace Mall as a health and quality conscious foodstuff marketplace that advocates for a healthy lifestyle.

Hong Kong VIPs present at the press conference include Michael Miu, Michelle Yim, and Maria Cordero. Michael Miu is also the ambassador for Royal Medic.


MONSPACE集团与香港着名中医健康养生行“御药堂”首次合作推广健康养生产品,将于2016年12月5日(周一)在香港朗廷酒店(The Langham Hong Kong)举办“MONSPACE与御药堂签署战略伙伴香港发布会”。


MONSPACE集团以电子商务起家,于2014年成立了“MONSPACE MALL”。MONSPACE MALL是一家综合性网上购物平台,产品种类有小至针线大至房地产均能在本商城找到。


“MONSPACE MALL向来注重食品安全性,在洞察养生健康为全球现今的大趋势之下,把握先机与以养生健康闻名的御药堂展开了一项崭新的战略伙伴合作关系,御药堂最畅销产品—花旗参与一口鲍将于MONSPACE MALL隆重上架。



同时,拿督斯里赖彩云博士强调,期盼通过双方的合作,将最优良的健康食品呈现给消费者,让消费者能更了解MONSPCE MALL向來注重品质与健康的理念,推广更养生的生活方式。

而当晚将会出席签署发布会的嘉宾计有香港着名演员苗侨伟(Michael Miu)丶香港着名演员米雪(Michelle Yim)以及香港着名歌手玛丽亚(Maria Cordero)。值得一提的是,苗侨伟与米雪也是御药堂的官方代言人。

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